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The Grand Story- Chapter 2

July 2, 2012
By 9spaceking PLATINUM, Chantily, Virginia
9spaceking PLATINUM, Chantily, Virginia
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Somewhere in a dark, mysterious room, a voice said: "Ha! They are foolish! They shall never make it through the journey!"

"No! They will! They will save me! Lymphical cares about me! I'm his cousin!" Another person exclaimed.

"Humph! Just watch the show as I make it more interesting......" ************************************************************************
After a while of rowing, Lymphical finally saw a misty body of land.
"Oh, I can see the island already! I bet this is it!" He said.
"Oh no, I also see one of those candy bodyguards. they are made of stone rock candy and cannot be broken by any force, except for fire."
"You do know very much for a magical fire."
"Yeah, I know. Well, all we need is a lollipop and then we can distract the body guard."
"Here, have one."
"Hey! That’s not a lollipop! That’s a ticket to a movie!"
"Oh, I’m sorry. But I have no lollipops!"
" Why do I have to do all the work?? Humph! Just watch and learn!"
But just when the boat was about to get to the shore, there was a big tsunami coming up, right in the middle of the boat, slicing it in half.

They flew out of the boat, the fire shrieking: "No!!! Not Water!!!!" as they fell into the dark water. Just at the last moment, Lymphical put his hands in his left pocket, pulling out a thingamagig that had buttons on it, and as if in slow motion, he pushed a button and everything stopped. It was so silent, you could hear a pen drop.

"Oh my!!!" the fire exclaimed, hyperventilating from being so close to water. All he had to do was to stretch his legs and he would go out like a candle.

"Hmmm.... we have a problem here." Lymphical said. "Wait.... I got it!" and so, he grabbed at the fire. "Come on, get into my hands!"

"No way. I am not going to touch your hands. They’re filled with dirt!" the fire complained.

"Or would you rather touch water?" Lymphical questioned, fingering his time stopping machine. It was an obvious answer; because you would rather get your hand really dirty than dying. And so, the fire closed his eyes and reached for Lymphical's hands. A second later, he was released, and he landed on the shore safely. But Lymphical was still stuck in his position, so he pushed the button, landing in the water with a humongous splash, sending water everywhere, nearly sending the fire to his doom.

"Hey, watch out!" it said.

"Sorry, I can't control it." Lymphical shrugged, apologizing.
Something rose up and up beneath him until he was about 10 feet high, on top of the something. He gulped, and then he looked down.

He was sitting on a giant sea serpent. Roaring loudly, the gigantic monster larruped, trying to get Lymphical off its neck, but it was unsuccessful, although a normal person would've fallen into the water by now. Lymphical had a steady iron grip, for he had traveled with a cowboy, and you know what cowboys have to keep that you have to aviod. But he was no normal person. He had ventured in dark caves, went through the Fare Kagyu Dessert, and fighted through creatures others have never seen before. Yet, he had never seen a sea serpent, and he had no idea what to do. His hands were hurting from clinging onto the scales of the serpent for so long.

"Don't worry, I know a weakness!" It was the fire that spoke. It growled and walked up to the candy bodyguard, who was savoring a jaw-breaker.

The fire suddenly flared and the bodyguard started, running across the backyard, screaming with fear at the top of his lungs: "Help!!!! There's a fire in the backyard!!!"

Meanwhile, inside the evil guy's castle, the villain who kidnapped many people frowned at the sight of his protector running from a magical fire.

He scowled, and mumbled to himself: "Huh. I never knew that. Candy people afraid of fire? What next?"

After the candy bodyguard stopped jumping around and saw that it was a magical fire, not normal fire, he turned around, and said: "Ok, now what do you want?"

"I need your club." The fire demanded, its hands on its hips.

"Ok, fine, just don't beat me up with it." The candy bodyguard said grudgingly, setting his big club in front of the fire. The fire put it in its powerful hands, yet it did not burn. He whistled a strange Indian tune, and then the serpent turned to head the fire's way, seeming to dance with the music.

What are you doing? Lymphical mouthed at the fire.

The fire just eyed Lymphical back, as if saying: Don't ask, I know what I'm doing!

The fire then walked up to the serpent, swayed the bat and blew, sending sparks of fire flying across the surface of the bat and into the water. Instinctively, the serpent lurched, and poor Lymphical was stuck in the air for a moment. But then, the serpent realized that it wasn't any harm, so swam closer and closer to the fire, until the fire could easily touch the serpent. Just then, the fire stopped whistling and instantly the serpent stood still, then it went down fast into the water. When the head was just above the water, the fire swung his bat at the serpent and the serpent's head lay down on the ground. Lymphical walked toward the shore, using the serpent's neck as a bridge.

"Yes, we beat the serpent! You saved my life fire, thanks a lot!"Lymphical said, relieved that the conflict was over.

"Oh, but you saved my life twice!" the fire said, becoming more red.

“Anyways, let's go!" Saying this, the professor and the fire walked confidently into the evil guy's castle.

"Evil villian, your plans are ruined! Your days of kidnapping people shall be over!!!" Lymphical said, kicking down the door of the castle. "You're busted!"

"He he.... you've come close.... but you'll never be able to defeat me!!! The author promised that he'll keep on creating problems for you!"

Lymphical and the fire gasped unanimously as he made his declaration.

"How... how dare you accuse the author of helping you? He can change the story whenever he likes! He is the demiarge, for goodness same! You can never force him to do anything at all!!"

"I have his sister in my hand.... Oh, here comes the rescue!" and just when he said it, a helicopter appeared, and he climbed onto it. "Goodbye, human beings!!" he said, waving to Lymphical and the fire.

But just then, he realized something in terror: Franklin, Lymphical's cousin was still in his dungeon. "Stop the helicopter!" he screamed. "I need his cousin!"

Unfortunately, Professor L. and the fire already got the key and opened the jail door. "Yes! I am finally freed!" Lymphical's cousin, Franklin cheered. "You obsolete evil villain, we will obliterate you one day!"

"Never mind. Just send me to somewhere safe, somewhere no one will ever find! maw ha ha!!!" the villain said to the helicopter pilot.

"Should we follow him?" Franklin said.

"Yes!" the fire said. They ran and ran, but the helicopter was too fast for them. It was out of sight soon.

"Maybe we should seek advice. Hmmm.... let me think... Aha! I know the perfect place!" Lymphical said cheerfully.

The author's comments:
I reedited this chapter because of the 1st chapter's ending.

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