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When Light fought Dark, Earth was at peace

February 10, 2012
By Adenrav SILVER, Albany, New York
Adenrav SILVER, Albany, New York
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"War is peace" "Freedom is ls slavery"
-George Orwell

The knight strode forth toward the dark horse and its mounted rider; he drew his gleaming emerald sword. The hilt was engraved with the tales of his undying valor and courage. Its name was likewise engraved along the blade: Lux Immortales, The Undying Light. The monstrous mounted horseman also drew his sword: Immortales Tenebris, The Undying Darkness. The man urged his horse forward, it clip clopped nervously toward the knight who stood his ground. The man then dismounted, he was adorned in a massive platemail, it was dark as night, scratched into its surface was two swords, one light, one dark. The swords were crossed in eternal conflict, neither gaining nor losing their ground, perfect balance. The man in dark strode toward the knight, his helmeted head held high as he walked. The battlefield was silent, its occupants holding their breath as the two figures faced each other. The knight bowed to the dark man and said in a deep, warm voice: “hello brother, long time no see.” The dark man snorted arrogantly and said, “it is hardly a time for pleasantries, qui solus incedit, we are here to fight, armis mortem!” he spread his legs and crouched low to the ground, as though he was going to jump high into the air and pointed his sword to the sky. “Very well then, brother, we fight, to the death!” said the knight. “victoriae necisque!” both of the men screamed and with that they both jumped, into the air, where they stayed floating 5 feet above the onlookers. Suddenly the onlookers began their battle anew as though nothing had happened, as the two men began to fight, swords flashing in the noonday sun as they drifted slowly upward. They were never seen again, their tale is known as: Pugnatum Lux Tenebris, “when light fought dark.”

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