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Zero Time

January 20, 2012
By Adenrav SILVER, Albany, New York
Adenrav SILVER, Albany, New York
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"War is peace" "Freedom is ls slavery"
-George Orwell

Ethan Hawk walked down the crowded street toward Green Rose station, listening to his Ipod. As he walked he swayed in time to the music, Ethan wore a black addias hoodie accompanied by black skinny jeans, as well as a black pair of vans. He had a black north face backpack hanging off one shoulder and camera bag hanging off the other, he walked (or swayed) with purpose, his eyes showed that his future actions were ill-intended. Someone that was looking for anything suspicious would only have to look in Ethan’s eyes to find it. Ethan crossed the busy intersection without waiting for the light to turn green and headed toward the train station, as he did he put hid Ipod in his pocket, un-slung the camera bag from his shoulder and transferred the unused backpack strap to his now empty shoulder. At the Green Rose Train Station sign Ethan knelt down and unzipped the camera bag slowly, he opened the top and began to fiddle with something inside. After about a minute he straightened up, zipped the bag back up and continued deeper into the station. He walked onto the walkway between platforms nine and ten and again, knelt to the ground. This time he unzipped the bag much faster finishing the process and opening the bag in about a second. To his left a guard approached cocking his head in silent question. “Jus ere ta take some pictures mate” said Ethan dismissively; “is that right laddie?” said the guard continuing his steady approach toward the boy, like a snake stalking his prey. Suddenly Ethan straightened up, he had a M9 grasped in his hand, “sorry mate” said Ethan as he fired twice; both bullets collided with the guards chest, ripping through it as though it was plaster. Immediately the alarm was raised and three guards rounded the corner, what they saw was a dead guard and a kid… with three grenades strapped to his chest. Ethan did not hesitate grabbed his backpack and unzipped it, and turned it over, 12 pounds of C4 plastic explosive clattered to the ground with a thump. Ethan reached forward and pulled out the pins of two of the grenades. The guards only had time for terrified yells before the train station was engulfed in flame.

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Thought i would post this cuz i havnt in a while and i want to make more contributions as a VIP

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