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The Ghost Of Mallory Jenkins

May 15, 2011
By Mothra7687 BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
Mothra7687 BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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As I looked into the sky that night, I found the brightest star. I also found Mallory, just
as she had promised….

Rodgerson Island Reporter – June 14th, 1991
Jenkins Girl Found Dead

Mallory Melissa Jenkins, 20, was found dead this morning by employee Louie Feeny, son
of Valerie and Uncle Joey Feeny, proprietors of Uncle Feeny’s General Store in Rodgerson
Island. Louie Feeny, who has had problems with alcohol and drugs in the past has been
questioned, but no real evidence has been found connecting him to Jenkins death. The 20
year old was a graduate of Rodgerson Island High School, along with Feeny in 1989. She was
also an employee of Uncle Feeny’s General Store since 1987. The place where she was found
according to her family was the Jenna Rhodes Lighthouse. It was one of her favorite hangout
spots, as it had been deserted for fifteen years. Mallory’s funeral services will take place on July

My story only begins there; now let’s fast forward it twenty years. Yes, as you shall see,
I had no life. No one ever praised me or loved me, not even my own parents. They just didn’t
get it. I was widely regarded as a loser, a pushover, not by my attitude towards life or the way I
looked, which were both fine in that perspective. It was the choices I made. I was a
kindhearted, joyous boy who didn’t look to drugs as a gateway out of my problems, because of
this, my teachers never minded me, but never praised me either. I did not come from a family
of rich, renowned snobs or to put it this way, my clothes weren’t always as clean as they
should’ve been. They seemed to always be hand-me-downs given to me or purchased from
Goodwill. My classmates ridiculed me to the bone. Their taunts were as painful as sitting in an
electric chair. It was “Roger, you’re so ugly all the mirrors go running when they see ya!” or “It’s
Roger Richardson, the goody-goody!” These were all things that made me give up hope, so bad
that one day I ran away and hoped to never come back.

So, as we resume the story, I had indeed decided to run away. I remember it was late,
and my only friend Mr. Rosenham let me use his yacht called the Star. I unhitched it and went
off, since fishing was my passion. I knew I could fend for myself for a few months, but a storm
was brewing. The storm happened while I was far from the shore. It violently and vehemently
shook the boat. I clung on to the rail tightly hanging on for the dear life, but then I felt my
hands losing their grip. I felt them slowly slipping away like melted butter. Then I felt a thud
and a pain in my head. I closed my eyes and felt a deathly cold feeling before being knocked
out. One thing for sure I wasn’t on the Star anymore.

I woke up on a serene sandy beach with water so clear you could see the many colors of
rocks that lay beneath the surface. There were tan colored boulders in front of me, beyond the
long path of sand that stretched as far as the eye could see. There was a little quaint
abandoned lighthouse, not far ahead. It was such a wonderful scene but no one else was out to
share it with me. Some of my blonde hair fell against my face, I pushed it away gently with my
hand as the tide rang throughout my ears. That is when I saw her. She slowly appeared on a
boardwalk that led from the lighthouse down to the sandy beach where I was. I could see her
coming nearer towards me. I closed my eyes for a split second…and there she was sitting in
front of me, only it wasn’t until I heard “Good Morning Roger, I am Mallory Jenkins”, that I
actually opened my eyes and looked at her. She was skinny with a tan complexion, dark jet
black hair that hung down beyond her face cascading in such a way that it framed her face
perfectly. She had on dark red lipstick and had sparkling white teeth. The most intriguing part
of her wasn’t her lavender dress, long pointy lavender earrings or white high heels. It was her
eyes. They were the color of aquamarine, just like the clear blue water that I lay in. They were
so blue that they put me in a trance without even realizing it. All of her daydreams, ambitions
and hopes seemed to be captured in those eyes. I couldn’t help but stare into them, hoping to
discover the secret behind mysterious Mallory, but I was to know the secret soon enough.

“Roger! Snap out of it! If you want me to change into another form of life you can keep
on staring….I think I am becoming a distraction to you… I not Roger?” Mallory questioned
me, but even as she said these words I could see her face had an I’m so happy look on it.
“Um mm….no Mallory, you don’t have to do that for me”, I stammered, “Oh great, I thought, I
just met this girl and now I’m going all sweet on her. Roger, Roger what is up with you, I
thought, but soon dismissing the thought Mallory jumped up. What I realized then was that I
ached, really bad, especially in my head. Without saying anything Mallory dragged me out of
the water and slowly levitated my body in the direction of the lighthouse. She quickly got me
up the flight of stairs in the lighthouse. The pain in my body was getting worse. It was to the
point where as she laid me onto a bed, the pain felt revenging and savagely serene, ripping
apart every organ in my body. I had never had this kind of pain before I thought. I looked over
at Mallory, tears streamed down her face like a water fountain. “I feel so bad for you to go
through this Roger, but you’re the only one who can help me”, she said. With that the pain
became most excruciating and I drifted off into a dream…..

I was in the lighthouse and I ran up to the glass front that overlooked onto the beach.
The weird thing I noticed was that the paint looked newer here on the lighthouse and there was
no hole in the window where a rock had been thrown previously. The next think I noticed was
that the sky was dark, as dark as when I fell off the boat, but beneath that dark sky there was a
yacht docked. Though it was far away I could see the writing very clearly it said “The Arcadia II “
– owned and operated by S. Rosenham. I looked up from the lettering on the yacht and saw
two people, a man and woman, who were waving to a girl who looked exactly like Mallory. She
had a red blotchy face with tears streaming down it and her clothes had stains on them, but I
could tell it was Mallory. Mr. Rosenham, a tall man in his thirties – at this place in time,
appears. He is wearing a black tuxedo with a white shirt and has blackish hair with a fair
complexion and very brown eyes. He walks over to the girl and hugs her though tears sting in
his eyes too. Then he jumps back into the boat and goes away. The girl sits sorrowfully at the
edge of the dock, waiting for the boat to come in. Meanwhile, a new image appears, it’s now in
the old general store with a boy named Louie Feeny. He is counting money for the day. He
takes an envelope labeled “Mallory’s paycheck and other funds”, while demolishing another
bottle of whiskey. He dumps the contents of the envelope into a box full of money and shuts it
satisfactorily. Meanwhile, a note on the edge of a table says; “Rosenham has taken other two
out of my reach. Mallory will soon be dead. “The next image I see is one of hatred and gore.
Louie Feeny has Mallory in his arms carrying her. Mallory has a worried look on her face. I fully
realize the place is the lighthouse that I was standing in. Feeny drops her down, he holds a
knife. Mallory looks in terror. Feeny carefully inserts the knife into Mallory’s heart, blood
oozes out. I jump and take Mallory’s hand, but nothing helps. Mallory was dead.

I jumped up startled from my dream. Bolting from the bed I ran and ran until I got to
this mysterious town called Rodgerson Island. There was a store called Feeny’s General Store,
so I went in. There he was, Louie Feeny, a big tall strong looking man with broad shoulders and
a face worn from drug use and alcoholism stood behind the register. “What do you want, boy?,
he barked. “Have you by chance ever heard of a woman named Mallory Jenkins?”, I said
casually, not realizing that the camera in my shirt had been accidentally pressed to record. Louie
jerked me up above the table that divided us, “Yes, I know who she is. Now, you listen boy, and
listen well. I took money from that family for many years to make Mallory and her family’s life
miserable. You see, I asked her one day if she’d marry me but she refused saying that we’d
never set a date yet. Until one day, that is back in 1991 – I killed her. I couldn’t believe my
ears, was the Mallory I’d known some sort of fictitious character like ghost?

I ran back to the beach. This was all getting weirder. I wanted to smack Louie in his big
boned chops until they bled, rip all of his hair out until there was no scalp left and break his
stash of whiskey bottles all in a row. I also wanted to hear the real story from Mallory. As if on
we, she appeared and we were suddenly back in the lighthouse again. Mallory turned to me,
“I see you’ve had the dream. Yes, now you know Roger, I am a ghost. You must help me, but I
need to tell you the story first.” “As you know back in 1990 we had a friend who was a
fisherman by the wharf like you Roger, his name was Mr. Rosenham. I met him while I began
working in the Feeny General Store and our family began to lose money desperately, but in
1990, a year after I graduated high school I found out where the money was going. Louie Feeny
was taking it and using it to buy drugs for himself. He also was an underage drinker. I was
mortified. He told me if anyone found out that I would be killed. Despite his words I was
determined to have him sentenced, so I told my parents. He never found out until May 22nd,
1991. That’s when he swore to get his revenge. On June 3rd 1991, late at night our friend Mr.
Rosenham helped my parents escape on a boat called Arcadia II. I was saddened to see them
leave, but they were in danger along with me. I had to know how to fend for myself…..and
then….” she said crying very hard and just like that she said, “Roger, it is my time, you must go
and make things right. When you do I will be waiting in the brightest star. Just look into the sky
and I will be there”, and with that she levitated towards the sky and landed into a star. It
seemed my troubles weren’t over yet or were they? I ran back to the town. Police cars
surrounded Feeny’s General Store. I swear as soon as he saw me….Louie Feeney finally said “I
plead guilty” and was hauled away. I ran back to the beach something surprising awaited me
there. It was Mr. Rosenham and the Arcadia II. “It’s been a long journey, eh, Roger”, he said. I
jumped in and as the boat pulled away I looked into the stars that night. I found the brightest
star and I found Mallory just as she promised.

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on Jan. 1 2012 at 5:54 pm
Mothra7687 BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
2 articles 11 photos 57 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Don't try to live your life in one day." - Howard Jones

Thanks for the comment. I really enjoyed writing this piece.

on Dec. 30 2011 at 8:21 am
Viridian BRONZE, Nah, Louisiana
1 article 0 photos 22 comments

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"If there's nothing left to care about, there's nothing left to save."

Sort of confusing to read, but pretty good.

on Dec. 25 2011 at 3:11 pm
Mothra7687 BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
2 articles 11 photos 57 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Don't try to live your life in one day." - Howard Jones

Thanks! this was one of my very first pieces written, so I can see your theory on critiquing me.

on Dec. 25 2011 at 6:53 am
Eshshah PLATINUM, Galloway, New Jersey
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"The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep." -Robert Frost

I like the plot, but structure is a little robotic, and dialogue could have been smoother, the imagery was great though! keep writing!