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Lost at Heart

April 30, 2011
By RahmaReads BRONZE, New York, New York
RahmaReads BRONZE, New York, New York
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"John!" Sara called "We're gonna be late!"
"I'm coming!" he called back, "Calm down, we still have a lots of time."
"Whatever, just hurry up." she replied.

John, Sara, Mikey, and Karla were going to camp for the winter. Weird, huh? Yeah it is, but it's to go snowboarding. Those four have been friends for a pretty long time. They all met, at The Icy Hills. They were great Snowboarders. They had great talent. Sara was looking forward to this trip more than anyone else, so she didn't want anyone to ruin it.
Sara seemed deep in thought as John ran down the stairs. He noticed that her eyes were wide and she stood as still as a statue. She seemed to be focusing on something, and she didn't seem to happy about that something, either.

John and Sara were waiting in the car by the time Mikey and Carla got to their house. Since neither Mikey, nor Carla, knew how to get to Icy Hills, John would be driving in front, leading them.
It was a long ride, but finally, they had arrived. Their idea of heaven was right in front of them. But, for some reason, Carla had a feeling, that something bad was going to happen. She couldn't identify what exactly, but she just did.
They slipped out of the clothing they had wore during the trip to Icy Hills, and switched into heavy jackets, mittens, and scarves. Each one grabbed his or her's snowboard and ran out the door. They were eager to get started, since the hill would be closing in five hours.
"Hey guys, wanna go on the small hill first? You know, to get warmed up. We haven't snowboarded in such a long time." Mikey asked. The group agreed and did exactly that. In half an hour, they were warmed up and ready to go on the advanced hills.

With all the fun the four teenagers were having, snowboarding up and down every single hill, they hadn't noticed that the hill had closed down already. They weren't worried though, they knew their way back to camp. Although, they were pretty disappointed since they had to walk all the way to their cabins, which were approximately two and a half hours away. They were too tired to snowboard, they had done enough of that for five hours, straight.
It was getting pretty dark on their way back. Some of them were starting to get worried, others panicking. Mikey assured them, that everything would be okay. Sure, they trusted him, but something in the pits of their stomachs, told them to worry.
Three hours had seemed to pass by, and they were lost. So much for knowing the place by heart. Since they had been roaming around for hours and hours, and the sun was in sight, John suggested they sleep, and wait for a passerby to come and help them.
"No way am I going to sleep!" Sara replied, almost yelling.
"Why not? Do you happen to have a better idea?" Carla said, eyeing Sara suspiciously.
"No, but I really don't think we should sleep, guys. Let's just keep walking." she replied once more.
"Go ahead and keep walking, Sara. But I am going to sleep! We're tired, hungry, cold, and helpless. "Mikey suddenly said, popping on to their conversation.
They continued their fighting and ranting, until they heard rustling in the trees. They all turned their heads so fast, it was almost inhumane. They searched for the source of the noise, but couldn't seem to discover anything out of the ordinary.
They went back to their yelling and screaming, until they heard something behind them, again. This time they heard a vicious growl, and a bark. They all knew exactly what it was. There was a wolf standing behind them, waiting to devour one of the very fit teenagers in front of him. No one wanted to look behind them, as they didn't want their faces to be ripped off by the horrendous, now pack, of animals standing behind of the group.
"Oh no. We, are, screwed!" Mikey whispered.
"What are we gonna do!" Carla half yelled, half whispered.
"They aren't going to leave us alone, until they have at least one person to feed on." "We need a sacrifice." John said, as a frown slowly made it's way onto his face.
"Well I'm not going" Mikey stated.
"Neither am I!" Carla said, agreeing.
"Over my dead body!" Sara yelled. Which only made the pack of wolves grow angrier and more impatient by the second.
"Fine, I will try to fight them off, while you guys make a run for it." John said.
"Wow, would you really do that for us, John?" Carla asked.
"Sure, you guys are my friends, since I have no family, you guys are the most amazing and happiest things in my life. I guess this is how I can repay all of you, for making my life amazing."
Sara was on the verge of crying, as Johnny's words had really touched her heart.
"But you three have to promise me one thing." John stated.
"Anything!" the three replied all at once.
"You'll live." "I'm not going to kill myself, so you can give up." "Keep fighting" "Bye guys."
The teens watched as their best friend, John, threw himself into the pack of wolves. He tried to fight them off, but he couldn't hold them back. The friends ran, all with tears racing down their faces and their knees shaking. They all thought it was finally over, until they heard John getting tortured. He was being ripped apart by the wolves. By that time. The, now group of three, were all on the floor crying aloud, as they heard the screams, knowing that they couldn't do anything to save their friend. The screams were breaking their eardrums. Making their hearts beat and their tear ducts spill more and more every time he screamed in awful and horrendous pain.
"It's really freezing" Sara managed to say between sobs. Her blue eyes were red and puffy all over, from all the crying she had been doing back when John was being ripped apart, piece by piece.
"Oh my god, really, we haven't noticed!" Mikey said, with a bit of annoyance in the tone of his voice.
"Shut up! I was just going to say we might want to find some shelter if we want to keep our promise to.. John" Sara replied, almost crying again as she was about to say his name.
"Sorry, I'm just a little down from the scene we have just heard. You're right, I think I see some big tress over there, we can hide under their branches." Mike sympathetically said.
They all followed him into the dark forest, not even thinking what might be hidden in there. They actually didn't care, they had already learned, that the wolves lived on the other side of the hill. So they didn't have much to worry about.
"Wow, these are big!" Carla said, emphasizing the word 'are'.
"Yeah, but now, we really need food!" Sara commented.
"Where are we going to get food?" Mikey asked, with narrow eyes that seemed to be plastered on his face.

"Maybe we can check those bushes, and pray that they grow any type of berry.

The three kids walked towards the bushes, and unfortunately found nothing but leaves. So they walked back to their 'tent' and sat down for a while. Carla complained that she was feeling light headed. No one knew what to do, and they all suggested they should get some rest. It had been 2 days, since they had but anything in their mouth.
"Carla! What's wrong?" Mikey yelled. Carla had been having a coughing fit, before the others had woken up.
"My lungs, they're on fire!" Carla managed to say between violent coughs.

Before they could even blink, Carla stopped coughing, grinned, and said "Keep John's promise!" and she slowly drifted into a sleep that she would never wake up from again.
Mikey and Sara were now drenched in their own tears. They couldn't believe that not only was John gone, but now Carla, too. This was unbelievable. They stood there too in shock to move or do anything but mourn over yet another lost friend.
It's been four days, the teens haven't put anything in their mouths but some water that they had stored, which was now, to their luck, running out. Sara's round, pale, and chubby face that was always filled with joy and color, were now dull and lifeless, her cheeks were bony and her blue eyes were filled with mixed emotions including, anger, loneliness, rage, and despair. Her blond hair was now in rought knots unlike how it always used to appear, curly and bouncing all of her shoulders. Mikey's face also seemed as bony as Sara's, considering they haven't eaten for four days. His hazel eyes were now often filled with tears, and anger. His honey colored hair was now frozen at the tips. They had lost hope in everything.
"Mikey?" Sara wondered, as she circled around herself, looking for her friend. She got worried when he hadn't answered. She frantically started running back down the hill in search of the only friend left to her. She constantly kept calling out his name between sobs. She was afraid, she was hungry, she was lonely, she was lost.
She finally lost hope in the friend, assuming that he got lost, not necessarily died. As she walked back up the hill, not really knowing where her legs were bringing her, she came across a sight that made her gasp in surprise and her eyes widen in shock. In front of her, she stared at Mikey's corpse. His chest was ripped open, by the wolves that were sitting by his limp body. His skull was cracked and his brain hung out. His eyes were staring cold and lifelessly up at the sky. His arms were placed about a foot away from his body, making Sara fall down into the fetal position as she tried to comfort herself by hugging her legs tightly to towards her chest and burrowing her head into the her knees.
As a tear slid down her cheek, Sara was shaking violently, but she wasn't doing this, she felt arms grabbing her shoulders and hake her more. She opened her eyes, and found herself standing, staring at Mikey, John, and Carla. Which were giving her curious stares, wondering why she was crying. She noticed the sun being down on her face, and instantly realized that she hadn't been lost in the hills, but lost in her terrifying thoughts. She smiled, and pulled all of them into one big hug. She wasn't lost anymore; she was in the hands of her family, she was so grateful.

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on May. 17 2011 at 2:42 pm
RahmaReads BRONZE, New York, New York
1 article 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
Anything is possible, if you put your mind to it ;).

Thank You! I'll work on it, this piece is old though; it was also my first time writing in this point of view. By the way, your honesty is really appreciated. :)

on May. 15 2011 at 9:48 pm
writingmagic26 BRONZE, Eureka, Missouri
2 articles 0 photos 34 comments
I really liked the story line, how the friend sacrifice themelves for each other.  But I think you're dialouge could use some work.  Other than that, it was great!