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Could She

January 6, 2011
By Jess95 GOLD, Morgan Hill, California
Jess95 GOLD, Morgan Hill, California
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fear not, for I am with you;

be not dismayed, for I am your God;

I will strengthen you, I will help you,

I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
(Isaiah 41:10 ESV)

Liz could feel them coming, she could sense it. They were close. Too close. She needed more time, she had to find a way to stall them. She looked over at a tall boy, Matt, her best friend, with tanned skin and rustled brown hair and deep blue eyes. Sometimes at school, when ever he was surrounded by a flock of girls, swooning for him to even talk to them, she couldn’t help a smile creep up her face, because even though they weren’t together, it was only Liz’s attention that he craved for. Matt, the one who she would do anything for, but could she really ask him to do the same. They locked eyes and he read her thoughts before she could even finish thinking them. He gave her one nod and took off in the direction they were coming. Liz was scared, and she was shocked, because she’s the girl who’s not afraid of anything, the girl who countlessly puts her life on the line and doesn’t even blink an eye, but no, when it came to the people she cared about, the people she loved, it was unthinkable. But she knew she couldn’t think about that now, she had a job to do. From behind her, Liz heard an intimidating sound. She quickly turned around, putting her back to the on coming threat, to gaze at the out line of a dark figure. The figure was standing in the shadows, and she couldn’t really tell, but she was positive that it was a women. Liz clenched her fists in anger, how dare this person, this stranger come in to my town and threaten those that I love. Liz felt a rush of adrenalin course through her, and right before she was about to make her move, she heard a familiar voice. Liz was caught off guard, was this coming from her own thoughts, or did this really come from the mysterious figure. There it was again. No, now she was sure, it was from the person. An ironic laugh bubbled out of the woman. It was her own laugh, Liz’s, except it was tinted with a hint of power and vengeance. Liz took a step forward, and as she did this, so did the person in front of her, stepping out into the light. Liz finally having a good view of the person, quickly took a step back, as if doing this would make the person she saw in front of her be just her imagination playing tricks on her. But no, it wasn’t her Imagination. How could it be, Liz wondered, because the person standing in front of Liz, was Liz, well it looked like her at least, except that Liz was surrounded by light, she glowed with it, and this person, this foreign yet familiar person in front of her was surrounded in darkness, as if it were actually radiating out of her. Liz didn’t know how this was possible, or why it was, but she new that this person who looked like her was responsible for everything, and if Matt died, it would be on her hands. So without a second thought Liz launched herself from her position. There was only mere seconds before the strange girl would be tackled to the ground face first, but in those second she quickly turned around, bringing her arm out latching it on to Liz and sending her flying to the ground. Liz landed hard on her out stretched hands. She moaned as she pushed herself up, ignoring the pain as it throbbed in her wrists.

she again faced the girl as she stood in a ready position. Liz takes a step to the side, and so does the girl, mirroring Liz’s movements. As Liz looked at the girl, trying to contemplate her next move, Liz saw a shard of glass out of the corner of her eye. She knew what she had to do to take this girl down. The girl stepped to the side as Liz did. Liz moves away from the peace of glass as the girl moves closer to it. Every time Liz took a step to the side, she took a step closer to her. They moved in a circular position, until Liz stops. The piece of glass is a little ways behind the girl to the right. The Girl is about a yard away from Liz; she knows she has to make her move now. Liz drops down on her left leg as her right goes out and yanks the girls feet out from under her. She falls, landing on her back, hitting her head hard against the cement. Liz leaps on top of her grabbing the shard of glass, bringing the jagged tip to the girls throat. The girls eyes widen in anger as defeat washed over her. Where as Liz’s face enveloped in a smile of victory.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for's not one of my best but it's good enough for an A so....lolz ;)

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