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Blood Part Four

September 9, 2010
By TeamTamani SILVER, Adams, Tennessee
TeamTamani SILVER, Adams, Tennessee
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“You liar! How come I never know anything and how did you keep it out of my system?!”
“Well I can’t tell you, Mag.”
“Don’t call me, Mag. Tell me now!”
“I-I can’t.”
“Sweetheart, he really can’t. It’s against the rules,” Emma said softly.
“Then let’s side, you come with me or you stay with Michal.” Everyone’s thoughts were even. Amos went with me, Eon went with Michal. The rest of Amos and Eon’s coven went with Michal. Susan and her coven came with me. So did Amu and Carmen. Rick went with the soldiers who went with Michal. Houston didn’t count because I knew his choice and Emma stayed with Michal. “Goodbye,” I said and then we raced off. “Goodbye, Mag,” whispered Michal. And if we could cry Emma and he would have.
I found a nice big prison for us to feed. See eating the bad side we were good. When we’d cleaned out half the prison we returned to the trees. We would head to Tennessee later on. I was swinging my leg from a branch when Houston busted into our camp. “Hey,” he said kissing me quickly on the lips.
Amu raised an eye brow and then said, “Well this is why Michal was so grumpy when he was around.” He laughed putting his arm around Carmen. “Yes you know he almost killed him of thirst when I was gone looking for you.”
Venom was boiling in my mouth ready to spew, but I pushed it back.
“We should get going,” Houston said.
“Yeah we should,” I agreed, so we went out hiding in the trees. I was enjoying myself zapping bugs as they passed me. We made it to the border then decided to stop. I was sitting beside Amos when Forli came in the clearing. (Forli is my dad’s brother and Molex’s brother. He is second in command.) In an instant I was on his neck, teeth bared, nails scrapping into his skin, and causing pain in his thoughts. No one hated that guy more than this chick. Ten years ago he almost killed me and then I lost someone close instead. I will never forgive the creep.
“What do you want Forli?” I hissed. Everyone was around us ready to back me up.
“What are you doing here? I was on my way to see you and what are you doing here?” he asked again. “Where’s Michal?”
“Don’t you dare mention my father’s or your brother’s name in front of ME!!”
“Maggie, how did you know? Did he tell you?!”
“No, I figured it out myself.” {And I’m still on his neck ready to kill him so kind of awkward.}
“Oh,” he said.
“No, I’m not lying I give you my word.”
“Ah yes the see a power…”
“GET THE POWER! I know, I know, I get that a lot! Shut up.” I mumbled.
“What did you say to me?” he asked.
“I said, SHUT UP!!”
“Hump” he grumbled before running away… The coward never faced someone without his big brother. Ugh, I love Michal and Emma for not changing anyone else until now… Stupid soldiers think they can walk in and hit on me. Please Houston’s way better. I settled back on the ground with my leg in an Indian Fold. I smiled and said “let’s get back to the topic.” They all agreed and we went on discussing strategy. We had it planed and we descended into Tennessee. We stopped in some place called Adams. I found a lake and we hid in a patch of trees. I was playing with a crocodile when Amos walked in. “Your fathers here and wishes to talk to you.” I walked out of the cave grumbling to myself. He was there with Eon and Rick Emma was there drifting off to the side. “What” I snipped at him.
“Maggie let’s calmly get through this.” He raised his arms in a peace kind of way.
“Fine” I sighed. No use auguring. “What is it?”
“We are willing to make a compromise; we help you and then you come home, how’s that sound?” I twiddled my thumbs and fought with the thoughts. I decided that, this will do on one condition… “No more of the Houston mess, and I get to come and go as I please.”
“Deal” he sealed it. We shook hands and I told them what happened with Forli. “So that must have been interesting…”
“It was.”
“Let’s head.”
“Okay ‘ya’ll need lots of training.” We went out back home and I began the first lesson “that’s it there you go.” I encouraged Rick. “No Eon, more forces like this.” I demonstrated with a tree. It cracked all the way down. All of the sudden a small RV pulled up. Weird, it stopped even weirder. We loped back inside with light speed. Lucky us they didn’t see. I light knock came on the door I went and got it. Humans… Mexican to be exact; he was short and fat with a map in one hand and a phone in the other. He had family in the back ground. He spoke a bunch of Mexican stuff. I may be old but I never paid much to the teacher. But Michal understood of course he was the teacher… Michal spoke back with the same tough. When he was done the Mexican looked at me. His thoughts were blank to me because I didn’t know a thing he was thinking it was in Spanish. “Maggie what is he thinking?” Emma asked from behind me.
“I don’t know I never liked Spanish.”
“That’s because you never listened to Michal.” She objected.
“Hush” Michal ordered. He nodded at the man and turned to me. “He knows” he thought “kill him” I smiled.
“Gladly” I walked past them, and kindly lead the man past the others in to a dark room. When I was done I wiped my lips and returned to them. “He tasted like salsa” I grinned.
“Michal what about the family” Emma asked.
“Well from what I got from his thoughts was Spanish.” Then I said what he thought.
“He said “the family knows nothing. I think they are no treat we should let them go.”
“We can’t take the risk Michal” I objected. “And I’d love more salsa someone go and get the chips!”
“No Maggie no use their clean.” I growled impatiently.
“Amos, Eon, and Amu please restrain her.” I snapped my teeth and whipped my head back and forth viscously. Amos had one arm Eon had the other and Amu held my head still. I roared as Michal talked to the family. I understood one sentence “oh don’t mind her she stubbed her toe.” And continued on; when the family left they let go of me. I raced right for the door. Houston looked at Michal asking “what was that?”
“She’s a Tracker it’s harder for her than it is for any of us. I’m surprised she kept you long enough for her to change you.”
“Where’s she going?”
“By the looks of it she’s going to cool off. She doesn’t know what she’d do if she hurt us…”
“Oh” he looked down at his feet “thanks Michal, but can I get a direct place?”
“Yeah she went to” he took a breath before continuing. “She went to the zoo in Atlanta, Georgia.”
“Thanks” he said simply before walking out the door. He patted his pockets and felt what he need. He knew Maggie could see the Further and all but she would never see this coming.

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