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Blood Part Four

September 4, 2010
By TeamTamani SILVER, Adams, Tennessee
TeamTamani SILVER, Adams, Tennessee
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I straightened up when he gave the sigh for me to arise. “Molex I was not expecting you to be here for I would have brought my family. Michal and Emma have been busy.”
“Ah Maggie the youngest or the… what coven are you in?”
“We’re of the like Olympic or Southern something of that nature.”
“Ah yes. So how have you parents been since the last Era?”
“Same old same old not dyeing moving every year the typical, how has your clan been since last time?”
“Wait you’ve met before?” Rick asked. I greeted my friends. Then turned back to Molex, and nodded at his thoughts.
“Oh yes the see the power…”
“Get the power yeah I get that a lot.” Then I looked at Rick “yes we have met before.” He nodded and looked away.
“Who’s that?” Molex asked.
“Rick C. Shoe, Michal found him dyeing of something all he knew is he had to bite.”
“Ah yes your father is quite the saver first you then her and now him. So now there are four of you. Well I see how difficult this is for you since our little spat.”
“Spat the venom stung forever” I said showing my bite mark from where he’d bit me on the neck a few centuries ago.
“I’ll be going now.” He said backing away in till he was gone. I was better then and already shooing Rick out the door.
“Amu, Carmen dear friends how are you?”
“Maggie why is that you, looking flawlessly as always.” Amu said with a wag of his eyebrow. I stuck my tough out at him. “Found anyone have we?”
“Maybe” I sang leaping to the couch.
“Oh well what are you doing here I would have warned you that Molex was coming.” I told them the story leaving out my temper tantrum. “Whoa we’ll we must move quickly.”
“Do I have your word?” I asked with tension.
“Why of course you do if you want to make it official.”
“Then let’s be on with it then.”
“I and my coven give our word that we will assist you and your family and other helper’s.”
“Thank you Amu.” I said turning “let’s go now time is a wasting.” We ran I was first to come in sight of our house, my eyes lit up at the sight of Houston he grinned as I threw myself on his lap curling up into a ball and tracing up and down in arm. “I’ve missed you what have you done?”
“I missed you too and you missed nothing.” I laughed at his bored tone.
“Well then let’s go to our room” I raised an eye brow at Michal and Emma daring then to object they stayed silent I sprinted away with him next to me.
“Is she happy Michal?” Amu asked.
“Yes” he replied.
“Then what more is to it she is you ‘daughter’ is she not.”
“She is” he sighed at where it was going.
“Then you should care nothing more than that.” Michal sighed at logic. Back in my room I sat on the couch which I had moved in here. Houston sat next to me. I was racing trough everyone’s thoughts in till he shook me five times.
“Uh Maggie what are they thinking?” I rocked back into place.
“Whoa this is awesome! Oh shoot they want to hunt.” I waved at Houston to get up and we jumped out the window. “That reminds me Houston let me see your eyes.” They were Black dark black. “Aw baby did they take you hunting at all?”
“No” he said no longer trying to hide his pain. I turned to see them all there I scowled Michal I scowled all of them who weren’t people I went and got.
“How dare you do this? How do you look at yourself in the mirror each morning and like what you see?!” Emma tried to calm me but the rage made me a new person. I was the strongest one here I knew it. I looked at Michal and the others who didn’t care. I was face to face with Michal teeth bared. Everyone was tugging on me who wasn’t backed down. I was about to bite when I realized what I was doing. I looked at him and hissed and yanked my head up. “You have made the worst mistake in your life.” I towed Houston into the woods and showed him how to hunt. He was okay but not as good as me but I’d had years of practice. And the anger made it better well I’ll put it this way there will be no gangs around here. Or hikers I looked at him he was all I saw anymore. He looked at me with protective eyes as if something was about to come out of nowhere and try to hurt me like a bullet he was about to spring. When I was done I wiped my face with my arm. He was not done he was running around somewhere. We’d be here a while and I was in no hurry to get back so I was perched up in a tree. I was scanning the area when I jingle came from a bush. I stayed quiet and then in took a breath. Newborn, two shoot. I jumped down when two men way taller than me and if I could age they would be older than me and stronger. Then something was the same their eyes were red like mine little brighter. And they were pale like me came out. I hissed down in a defensive pose. Then Houston was next to me he was forming into something big or not I didn’t care. I was circling around reading all the thoughts. Then I leapt at one from behind and shocked him. When he staggered up it was too late I had him and Houston had the other. “Who created you?” I asked.
“No one babe.” I growled and a snarl ripped through Houston’s throat.
“Easy now Houston we want what we need then you can kill him.” Then again I asked “who created you?”
“We don’t know it was dark and loud and really hot.”
“Take them to Michal now. Wait one more thing what state are you from?”
“California” they grinned.
“So Tennessee nice place till you came there” I said with a sneer.
“How did you?”
“Mind reader” I grinned tapping my head.
“Then you know everything.”
“Not yet” I said touching him. “Now I know everything.” He sighed then was dragged off with his buddy. I was racing through the thoughts that were circling my head begging to be read. I didn’t know how much time had gone by. Two minutes or so then Michal came out of the trees. “Maggie what’s going on?” I said nothing apiece of information had just wacked me in the face for that’s what it felt like. He noticed that I didn’t hear him and began to drag me along. We were at the house when I finally found my voice “You were one of them?”
“Yes” he said looking away.
“He was your brother.” I was no longer asking I was stating a fact.
“Yes” he said again looking at Emma. When he finally looked around I saw the face of the brother of Molex.

The author's comments:
This is one of my least favorite parts in the short story but i think its okay my writing isn't the way i wanted it to be

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