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armed 6

August 23, 2010
By bennyB PLATINUM, Memphis, Tennessee
bennyB PLATINUM, Memphis, Tennessee
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As I walked in to see Valentine I saw a big red spot on the wall with a trace to the floor were Valentine was on the floor dead. I kept my cool and did not scream. I out the lunch on the floor and I walked over the dead body it appears that she was shot one time in the chest. There was something on her hand it was a note. I took it from her hand and opened it “Rachel be careful with what you do. There are rumors about you and all the officers. Keeps your friends close to you because you never know who is on your side. I have a bad feeling about Raly keep him in sight too. Be careful with what you do with McNeil I know he is not bad, but still. I’m going to drop out of this place next week when I complete my plagued years I wish you the best of luck.

I hide the note in my pocket and went to get help. An hour later everyone the medics came in and took the body away. McNeil asked me what did I see and I told him “nothing I came in and saw the dead body and then called for help” “ok carry on”. I went back to my room and thought what the note said, maybe I should tell someone about the note but then again I don’t know. I will keep the note for now.

I was going to lunch when I heard a sob, but I just ignored it when there it was again. Now is getting kind of weird. I tried to follow the noise. I followed it to one of the living rooms. I saw this person sitting on a chair weeping. I was surprised and was full of wonder but I also felt sorry for the person I don’t know why. I got closer and closer curious on who it might be. Once I got closer to that person she raised her head up and I noticed a yellow shoulder chord and three diamonds on her shoulder. I was shocked to find out who it was….colonel Ahmadi. She looked at me with those pretty eyes of her. This time her eyes did not demonstrated the usual kindness or happiness they demonstrated sadness and worried look. “Are… you ok ma’am “. She stood –up and before I knew it she had her arms around me and she was crying on my shoulder. It was surprising I have never seen her cry. Why was she crying in the first place. I did not know what to do. I felt her body close to mines I felt her ribbons and decorations through my uniform. She was holding on to me tightly as if she did not want to let go. I felt also felt her arms around my back. Strangely enough I felt her breasts pushing against my own chest. All of this ran through my mind in one second. She stayed like this for like 10 seconds and I did not know what to do whether I should say something or just simply put my arms around her. But I decided to say something. As her years were on my shoulder which was also were my ranks were I said “is everything ok??” She just stayed still and stopped crying little by little. She got her arms of f of me. She said “yea… I’m ok is just that…, never mind”. “OK if you are ok I guess that… will be on my way. “Yes.. You do that I have things to do “and she walked off down the hall.

I just sat at the living room thinking about what had just happened. Out of no were Sergeant Grey came running behind me and other people came running down the hall. He looked at me and yelled “WHAT ARE YOU DOING LETS GO THE NATIVES ARE ATTACKIN AGAIN” I got up quick and went to the armory (where they had all the weapons).When we got to the armory everything was chaos. Raily was screaming “HURRY UP AND GET YOUR WEPON IF YOU WANT TO LIVE” We all got our weapons and headed out to defend the castle. As we got outside, out of no were, a spear few straight at me. I managed to see at and dived to the ground, but before I hit the ground the tip of the spear slit the corner of my eye. When I hit the ground I realized that the spear had cut me. Luckily it did not hit my eye, but my vision was clouded and blood started to drip down my cheek. I wiped the blood of with my sleeve grabbed my rifle and went forward. I saw arrows and spears flying and landing next to me. Luckily I dodged them. I took cover behind a big rock. I aimed from the side of the rock at a native with my rifle, pulled the trigger. The bullet went through the straw shield and the guy fell to the ground. Sergeant Grey was ducked behind a rock and he was getting bombarded by arrows I quickly got out from behind the rock ,ran to where we was and while running I shot one guy who was on the three and he fell to the ground. Quickly I took cover besides him. “Do you need help ““well you could start by taking down the guys who are shooting at us!!!!?” “Ok”. There was another rock besides the one we were hiding in. I rolled to the rock beside us dodging all the arrows. When I got there I reloaded my rifle aimed out and shot the guys that were shooting Grey. Raily came out sprinting and he had a saber. One of the natives shot an arrow at him but with precision he blocked it with the saber. He ran up the native with lightning speed. He stabs the native then cut the one beside him. He opened a way for us then we went rushing in with the rifles shooting everything. Eventually the rest of the natives started running away. Raily said “Gray got a squad and go after them” “yes sir”. Gray got ten men including me and we went after them.

We were running after the natives. We had our rifles ready and everything we were just waiting for the order to shoot. Suddenly we hear a small explosion, then another one, and another one. Since when did the natives use gun powder? They started to come from the threes and the bushes, it was when we realized it was an ambush. We started to shoot everywhere we killed some but they were too many. The cut I had received earlier reopened and I started to bleed again. I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head and then everything was blurry and dark.

I started to feel again I was coming too. I slowly opened my eyes, but everything was blurry. As I opened my eyes the sun was painful to my eyes. When I fully opened them I saw that I was alone. My body felt week and a little soar. I was lying on the ground and then I sat –up. I touched the corner of my eye were the cut was and I realize that there was a substance that was a little slimy. I dared not stand-up. There was a fire site with some burned wood on it, sleeping mat and a small tent. I was seating on another sleeping mat. My rifle was right beside me, so were my shoes and my combat uniform. What was going on and were was my squad. I hear something coming out of the bushes. I grabbed my rifle that was besides me and took aim. It was coming out so I put my finger on the trigger ready to shoot. When it came out I saw that it was merely a girl about probably 20-22 (around my age). She had a basket with fruit on it she yelled “Please do not shoot me”. “I’m not” so I put the gun down. She came close to me, put the basket on the ground and said “you must rest you are not recovered.” Wait who are you and what I’m a doing here in the first place.” “I’m sorry if you’re mad”. She had the saddest look I have ever seen I could not get mad at her. She had beautiful blue eyes picked –up brown hair. Her face was really pretty so was the rest of her body. She had a nice define female body. She was just beautiful. “Im not mad don’t be sad is just that I want to know what happened and what Im I doing here”. “That’s easy to explain.

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is my longest instalment and i put a-lot of detail in the hug part becasue is important later on

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