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Night Life Rush: Prologue

July 14, 2010
By LoveSickenedRebel GOLD, Lubbock, Texas
LoveSickenedRebel GOLD, Lubbock, Texas
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The nighttime has always been my favorite time to be up. My name is Hexel Demonia Unknown. Weird last name right? Well I do not know my last name. I have a secret that no one else knows. Never told anyone in my life that I could do something no one else can do.

I can stop time.

I've been able to stop time ever since maybe before I can remember. I will tell you about what I do know before the rest of my life's story can begin.

7 years old. Dead of winter. I open my eyes to see a dark cold sky and a woman standing over me. No idea where I was, or what had happened to me. No remembrance of a family, home, friends, or any one that would know who I was that I couldn't remember.
The woman's name was Mora Price. She asked me if I was alright, but I didn't know that either. Would you or anyone else you know feel alright if all they could remember about themselves was their first and middle name, age, what you looked like, and that you couldn't even remember if you ever had a family looking for you and you where all alone? Forced to try to go through the world from that point on without even the slightest idea of where you came from, what your family looked like, if you had any brothers or sisters, and wouldn't have the slimmest chance of finding out who you really are? OK maybe I didn't think that then because I was only 7 years old but still. Anyway I said I was OK anyway to Miss Price. She helped me off the ground and luckily for me I could walk. Mora Price toke me by the hand and lead me to a largely sized building. The building was made out of bricks and it was at least two-stories tall and had rectangular windows on both floors.
She said it was an orphanage household for children that didn't have families or like me didn't know where (or in my case "who") their families were. I trusted the lady even though I had no idea where I was or who I was for that matter.

"Where am I?" I asked rather quietly.

"Kalida,Ohio my dear. home to 1,026 citizens. You'll be safe in here. I won't leave until I know you have a place to stay. Guess you don't remember much?" she asked me. I stayed quiet after that. I didn't want to feel like I was lost and no one was looking for me. She apparently let the question drop since I didn't say another word after that. I didn't remember anything else walking into the orphanage. To be honest, I didn't even feel like I was even in the right place. Ohio didn't sound right. But I just didn't understand why it didn't sound right for me to be in Ohio.
Miss Price and the head caretaker of the orphanage Miss O'Riler, tried for weeks to find my family with only my age and first and middle name to help them, but no one in this town knew me at all. Then they tried seeing if I even lived out of state, but my first and middle name never came up in the system. I wasn't from the same planet said a few of the kids at the orphanage, but of course I didn't care about what any of those snot nosed kids said about me. I was different from them all. I don't need friends I thought once. Why does anyone need friends to get through in this world anyway? I spent my days in the orphanage, while Miss Price and Miss O'Riler tried to find my family, reading high school textbooks on astronomy and biology and other numerous thing they taught in high school and that no kids except me understood.
Miss O'Riler and Miss Price never did find my family, so I stayed at the orphanage, waiting for some unknown family to came and adopt me. I was 10 when they finally tried everything to find my family. So, I was an orphan like all the other kids at this place. The caretakers Miss O'Riler and Ms. Dawn were very kind to me. They gave me toys of my own to play with and let me read my high school textbooks for hours and gave me my own bed to sleep in. I also got a few clothing items for myself too but very many though I didn't mind that at all.
Then one day when I was eleven, Mr. and Mrs Yuo came and adopted me. Miss Cadran, one of the volunteers at the orphanage, gave me a few things before I left. She had given me a red and black journal with my first and middle name on it and a red crystal necklace. I was kinda gonna miss the orphanage, but I had some plans that were not gonna get acomplished in the orphanage. So, through a few tears I said goodbye.

Now the real story can begin. My name is Hexel Demenia. Seventeen years old. And can stop time.

The journey has only just begun for me.

The author's comments:
I got this story while I was listening to music. There will be a next installment in this story for certain reasons. Let me know what you think.

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