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Hollywood's Bloody Secrets Chapter 3 Always Trust Strangers

May 16, 2010
By GraceGallows PLATINUM, Plainville, Massachusetts
GraceGallows PLATINUM, Plainville, Massachusetts
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“What are you doing in a place like this? The whistle man asked. “I’m going to…Hollywood” Sydney replied. “What? But you’re in Tennessee!” he said surprised. “Plane crash, I’m like the only survivor, so…yea…”
“Oh, I see, so how do you plan to get to Hollywood now?” The stranger asked. “No idea…so umm, what’s your name?” Sydney asked.
“Metro, Metro Dayel, but you can call me Met” He replied. “Okay, Met, I’m Sydney” She replied smiling. There was something about this boy. What, Sydney didn’t know, but for some reason she liked him. He was a few inches taller than Sydney. He had brown hair and perfect emerald green eyes. He looked to be only a year older than Sydney, about 16. But the most important thing about this boy, was what she did not know. Metro Dayel had a job to do. That job, to bring Sydney Australia to Joe Carter as soon as possible, alive, if she was dead, then he could truthfully care less, he might even be semi-happy about it.
“Thanks for basically saving my life back there by the way.” Sydney stated. “Oh um your welcome” Met replied biting his lip, his body filling with guilt. “You okay Metro?” Sydney asked. “What? Oh yea sure I’m alright” he replied. He looked away nervously. Sydney yawned exhaustion taking over her from the long day. It was almost 1:00 AM. “So, you want to set up camp?” Met asked. “Camp?” Sydney asked not knowing what in the world he was talking about. “Umm yea camp like tents and campfires and sleeping bags and stuff” Metro said wondering why she wouldn’t know that. “Never heard of it, but alright…”she replied.
Metro set up this weird thing. Sydney figured it must be the tent. “I’m going to go collect firewood, I’ll be back in a little while” Met told her. He got back about ten minutes later with a lot of wood. “Welcome Back” Sydney said as he walked into camp. “I know, I know you missed me didn’t you”
“Well…maybe a little” Sydney said laughing. “Good” he replied. “Good, why good? Did you miss me?” She questioned him.
“Should I have?” he asked winking. “Nope, I’m not worth it.” Sydney stated sitting down on the cold forest floor beneath her. Metro played around with the fire until he thought it was good and bright enough. The colors were so beautiful, Sydney loved the way it illuminated the whole forest around.
“What do you mean you aren’t worth it, I think you are worth it.” Met replied. His face an orange and yellow glow from the fire. The two of them smiled. Someone actually thought she was important. Sydney felt that she was finally safe. This was the happiest she had ever been. Metro put his arm around Sydney after a few minutes of watching the fire. It was amazing, the feel of his arm around her made her feel so safe, and so happy. She continued smiling. Her stomach filled with butterflies and she couldn’t breathe, but in a good way this time. This was the first time her life was ever perfect. After about an hour of sitting the two of them began to get tired. “Ready to get some rest?” Metro asked. “Yea, that sounds like a good idea” Sydney replied with a yawn. Metro stood up, Sydney did too. They began walking to the tent and Metro held her hand all the way there.
In the tent there were two sleeping bags next to each other, one for Met and one for Sydney. Both of them were red. Met went over and laid down in one. Sydney went to the other. She laid her head down on the soft pillow and closed her eyes.
Her dreams were filled with thoughts of happiness and love. In her dream she was with Metro, and he was hugging her. They were together forever…
Sydney was peaceful in sleep when metro’s cell phone rang. It was on vibrate so she didn’t hear it. “Hello” Met whispered yawning. “It’s Joe, did you get the girl?” the voice at the other end said. “Ummm ahhh maybe?” He replied quietly. “Stop fooling around b******! Did you get the girl or not!” Joe screamed. “Yea…I have her…but there’s a little problem” Met said. “What’s the problem” Joe sighed into the phone annoyed. “I, umm, I think I’m in love with her…” he replied. “Excuse me? Well it’s not much of a problem, just bring her to me, you know you can’t love someone who is on the list of “Joe will kill” so don’t even bother trying to save her, or I will have YOU killed also, and that, I promise son.” Joe replied then hung up. “Curse you, you f***ing jerk” Metro said into the phone then went back to sleep.

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