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The Accomplice: Chapter 4

May 4, 2010
By mmerino GOLD, Littleton, Colorado
mmerino GOLD, Littleton, Colorado
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“You do realize we’re risking our lives on a hunch… right?” Robin asked warily.

“If I didn’t, I would be a fool for tramping through the woods with you.” Alex replied impatiently.

“Then exactly why are we tramping through the woods?!” Robin huffed. It was true, this was very risky and if it actually worked, then they were ridiculously lucky. The chances of the message they had sent to Marion telling her to meet them at their old spot actually reaching Marion and not being intercepted by someone else was very, very slim. If the message had been caught by anyone but her, Robin and Alex were most likely walking right into a trap.

“Listen, if we don’t do this, we have just allowed hundreds of our friends and family to die or rot away in prison.”

“By doing this we are risking our lives. You may be ok with throwing your life because you have nothing to lose, but me; I have people that love and care about me.” As soon as these words left Robin’s mouth, he wished he could pull them back in. Alex froze. She stared straight ahead with her lips pressed in a thin line. Robin had only seen her make this expression a few rare times. It was her way of keeping people, and pain out. Robin, however, knew this to be a side of Alex that barely existed. Vulnerability and exposure. “Alex, please I, I’m sorry. I didn’t think...”

“No Robin, you never think! You are an idiot who says whatever pops into you pea brained mind! You are so ignorant! You think Marion loves you? Let me tell you, the moment she finds a better offer, she is going to drop you like that!” Alex interrupted softly through gritted teeth. Robin was stunned, never before had Alex been so blunt with her. The thing that hurt most about her words was the truth in them. He had always known Marion didn’t truly love him as he loved her; he just never wanted to admit it. It turned out they were ridiculously lucky, and it was at that exact moment they reached both the spot, and Marion. Both were grim faced and stiff as they were exposed to the night. Out of the forest, the two recognized the two familiar sights standing before them.

“Where were you guys! You said you would be here at midnight and its almost one thirty!” Marion whined. The moonlight reflected of her nightgown and pursed lips, giving her a ghostly appearance. It seemed more angelic to Robin, however, for he stood there with his mouth hanging open staring at her with adoring eyes. Tempted to slap his jaw hard enough to close it, Alex resisted the urge and walked up to Marion fearlessly.

“Believe it or not sweetheart, not everyone has the time on their hands or the resources to get here.” Alex said mockingly slow, as if explaining something to a four year old.

“Judging from you appearance, you had a difficult hike, you look filthier than usual… and that’s saying something even for you!” Marion shot back. Alex looked at herself in horror, sarcastically pretending to be appalled at her own appearance. Right as Marion was about to say something to wipe the smirk off of Alex’s face, Robin had the rare common sense to intervene.

“We have more important things to talk about than who’s better dressed or prettier or any other squabble you two were bickering about.” He looked at the two girls with a gleam in his eye that gave away his amusement at the ridiculousness of their quarrel. “Now, if the two of you are done arguing, I would like very much to explain to Marion why we dragged her out here at such a late hour.” He said, looking at Marion although the words were clearly directed to Alex.

“Well, since we forced her to come, I shall be so kind as to explain to both of you my intentions. While I have neither respect nor kind words for Marion, she does have something we do need other than her unwanted presence.” Robin cleared his throat as though we was about to disagree but Alex cut him off. “You have the funds we need in order to rescue our friends. Now although you are not obligated, it would be one good thing you could do for us.”

Marion smiled, clearly happy at the thought of Alex needing something from her for a change. “Well, since you are begging and obviously must have my help, I guess we could arrange something.” Marion tried her hardest to suppress her enjoyment at these words. It gave Alex shivers to think of Marion actually helping them. She had really been expecting Marion to refuse, turn heel and never be seen by them again. Alex almost preferred this to the alternative.

“You do realize that there is no going back once you help us. We will all be a fugitive… that means no more dresses or fancy life; it will mean hiding out in the forest and hiding in the nearest cave.” Marion nodded gravely as Alex tried to talk her out of joining them. “If you’re ok with that, then I guess we have a deal. We will all meet here every other night starting tonight at this time. If any of us don’t come, then we will assume the worst.” The three companions all looked at each other through frightened eyes. It hadn’t dawned on any of them exactly how dangerous this could be. After a few awkward moments of silence, the agreed to come back in two days and each parted, going separate ways. Alex decided that she should start planning and hiding out in a cave in the Sherwood Forest. It was almost safer than the monastery because no pauvre inhabited that area so no ampluer searched there. All three had just stepped into the most perilous, daring situation that the world would ever know.

The author's comments:
I fall in love with my characters. They become family to me. As I write about them, I imagine how they would react in real life.

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on May. 15 2010 at 6:14 pm
Wow! this is intense! i love the drama! please post more chapters soon! (By the way, i am totally on Alex's side!)