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Blake and Jude Ep 3

April 17, 2010
By JayeMizzles GOLD, Paris, Other
JayeMizzles GOLD, Paris, Other
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“Go ahead, jump. I dare you. I know you will,” he said to me as he lounged on his sun chair in the middle of the night. I was standing on the ledge, looking for a way to escape from the jacka** who had kidnapped me and trapped me on the roof at 2AM on a Monday.
“Just let me go. I’m tired and I have so much work to do.”
“And one part of the work is you getting off this roof.” He sat up and put his elbows on his knees. “I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you a clue. You can’t use the stairs.” He leaned back and closed his eyes
“Ugh. Then what can I use?” I stepped down from the ledge. “Gravity.” He gave me the smirk that I knew all too well on his gorgeous face. His eyes twinkled as the moonlight hit them. His gorgeous emerald green eyes that I couldn’t help but be pushed into. The gorgeous emerald green eyes that I wanted to gauge out for locking me on the roof of a 20 story building and giving me one possible way to get down. Jumping from the ledge.
“You’re such a jacka**! Why can’t you just show me how it’s done?” I went over to the sun chair and flipped it over so that his chest hit the concrete.
“Ugh!” He tried to push himself up from the ground, but I placed my foot on the small of his back and pushed him back down. It was time that he saw that I could take him down, and not that I was some weak, dependant girl who needed a strong, handsome man to take care of me.
“What are you doing, Blake? Do you wanna do this, sweetheart? You know there is no point. You’ll just embarrass yourself by doing this. Just- just don’t.”
I let him get up. He rubbed his chest like it really hurt, but I knew it didn’t. It was his classic move to make the opponent think that they had succeeded. I feigned falling for it.
I was facing him, with my back to the edge. I had an idea. To move out-
My thoughts left my mind as I saw him stroll over to where I stood, leaning on one hip. The moonlight glistened on his face and I saw it. The look he gave me every so often. The look where he gazed into my irises and where his smirk disappeared. As he approached, I could smell his vanilla and cinnamon cologne on his shirtless body. He lifted his right hand and placed it on my cheek and rubbed the bud of his thumb right under my eye. He moved his face so close to mine that our lips were almost pressed together.
I didn’t dare to say anything, but I had to know what this look was. It was a look saying that I was more than a student to him.
“What?” I asked quietly, the word that always broke this moment. He wrapped his other arm around my waist.
“You are just... so...” All of a sudden, I was flying backwards. His arms came from around me and flung me off the side of the building. “Stupid! You are such a moron.” Jude yelled down at me. I was holding onto the ledge with one hand and held his wrist with the other.
“Pull me up! Ugh! You are such a jacka**! Pull me up now.”
“Guess what? No.” He tried to shake me loose but dug my nails into his skin. One droplet rolled down and into my mouth. “How does that taste, sweetheart?” The smirk that I liked more than anything right now was back. My hand slipped further down his wrist.
“Pull. Me. Up. Now.” I gritted my teeth and tried to climb up with my feet.
“You ruin my fun.” He let me up and I wrapped my arms around his waist.
“Oh really? I thought I was the life of your party.” I put on a kinky smile, ready to kick my plan into motion. I leaned so close to him that our breaths met and mingled and meshed together. Our lips almost touched he almost got what he wanted. But that would never happen. “You know? You are...” I put one hand on the back of the neck. “You are so... stupid.”
“What?” Jude shouted. I leaned back, but still held onto him. He held onto me too.
As we flew through the air, he said with a calm voice, “I so knew you were going to jump.”

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