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February 19, 2010
By JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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I’m the only one left from the human kind, literally. The only reason I was still alive was because miraculously I was the only one in the world immune to the virus and I also had fighting skills from my years as a guard to former presidents. I guess I wasn’t all that important in the world, except when I had the cure to this dangerous disease. This disease started ten years ago and it’s been a living hell ever since.

I was all by myself stranded in a little town in California. All the cars were covered in dirt from not being used in years. Every street and alley and anything was always so quite. I felt like I was going crazy. Just knowing that my family was out there being thirsty for blood and body parts just gave me the chills. I missed them so much. I had only encountered those crazy monsters just a few times. They were disgusting looking creatures especially how babies looked like them too. I hated the thought of being alone.

I sat there in my new home (of what used to be of another family probably roaming around searching for something to eat) sharpening my knives and washing my clothes in the washer. I walked over to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My long brunette hair was all tangled. I was really tired of long hair and it bothered me especially when I was killing Lunatics (that’s what I called the monsters). I took one of my knives and stretched out my hair to the side. I took the knife and cut my hair. It fell to the floor with a light touch.

My hair was now to the length of my neck. I packed my stuff as soon as my clothes were done being clean and headed out the door searching for a new place to stay for the night where hopefully the Lunatics wouldn’t go into and try an eat me. These weren’t like vampires or anything. They could go out during the day time, at actually any time. They also looked exactly like themselves except for all the blood covering them and the shark teeth. They’re eyes were always black and they were all bald. Even the one’s that used to have tons of hair.

Once the virus reached inside your body it would change the way your body worked. Like your hair would start falling off and anything that grew like nails and hair would stop growing. It would also change your taste buds to of course blood, raw meat, organs and skin. It was really gross. It would also change your physical strengths. Instead of having bones you would just have skin because your bones would dissolve after a period of time. But somehow they could still move. Their sanitary habits also changed, obviously. Their brains were the things that changed the most. The virus would kill billions of brain cells leaving you well stupid. That’s why they couldn’t talk right. The Lunatics would just make noises like “Mah”. They weren’t capable of doing anything besides walking (or limping) to their food and eating them. They were disgusting creatures.

As I walked out the door there were about five Lunatics walking towards me already. I took out my knives from behind my back and continued walking down the sidewalk. I waited until they were finally about five feet away before cutting off the neck of the first one. They still continued walking to me even after I just killed their peer. I turned around and cut the other one in half. By now I was already used to the purple blood that would come out of them and seeing them die. I had to protect myself. I finished the others off by slashing them with my knives. I used my shirt to wipe off the blood from the knives and the blood that had splattered on my face. I continued walking like nothing had happened.

I was so tired of the same routine every single freaking day. I really felt like killing myself after being alone for so long. I walked over to a group of Lunatics of young teenagers. They saw me coming and stood up and dropped their drugs. Even though they were sick with the virus they still did drugs, go figure.

“Hey boys” I said with a grin. There only reply were showing their shark teeth and doing the only sound they could do: “Mah”. “Maybe you should call your friends because you’re going to get some dinner for tonight. The last you will ever have.” They mahhed even louder which I’m guessing meant more Lunatics. Just as I thought about one hundred Lunatics came out. Some jumped off from buildings. Some were already near by and others came out from dark alleys. They all surrounded me and “Mah” came from all of them.

I put down my one of my knives and used the other to cut my hand. Red blood came streaming down my hand and fell on the floor. A little toddler came running to the drop of blood that fell on the ground and licked it. Ugh they were so disgusting even in baby form. It ran back to its parent I’m guessing. I laughed and now cut all the way down to my arm for both arms. I couldn’t believe I was doing this! I could have just killed myself inside a building but they looked hungry and if I was one of them I would be going crazy to have blood. Besides I felt bad for them, in a way, because they were starving and my blood would go to waste if I didn’t give it to them.

Now they were bouncing up and down and going “Mah”. I put down my other knife and stretched out my arms to the teenage Lunatics because they saw me first. They showed their ugly teeth and smiled at me like I was a million dollars. I stepped closer to them to where I was just inches away. They couldn’t take it anymore and jumped at me. I fell to the floor cracking my head. Yeah it hurt but I just wanted to die already. They ripped my clothes, which was totally un-necessary but they were teenagers in a way. They bit my arm off and I closed my eyes trying to be in peace remembering the highlights of my life.

I pictured all the great moments of me growing up. My first day of school, my friends, my family and my everything. I was completely at peace just before they tore me apart and I died.

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I'm trying something new...hope you like it!!! =)

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