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-Ace- Adventures of A Self-Titled Wayfarer Chapter 1

January 22, 2010
By Jka_in_Wonderland GOLD, Canton, Ohio
Jka_in_Wonderland GOLD, Canton, Ohio
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This must be the end of the world! The end of us humans, the beginning of disaster!

That is what was going through everyone's minds the day when the Pillar of Fare sa'Vaane fell. Not mine. I have never believed in the legends told of the Fare. Never. They all sound like a load of bullcrap, if ya ask me.
A crash, sounding like the very heavens themselves were exploding, as if the world were imploding upon itself. (Kalina helped me write that. I sound so smart!) All I could think of is if my friends were okay.
I burst through the front door of the tavern I work at. People were crowding the streets to come and watch this epic disaster. I raced through the streets, pushing my way through these rude a- sorry. Kalina just said no "obscenity". Like a little cussing here and there ever hurt anyone. It adds emphasis. Anyway, rude people. (Borrringg!) They just wouldn't move!
But I stopped when I saw. There is a big difference in hearing about the Pillar falling and actually seeing it with your own eyes.
The Pillar of Fare sa'Vaane is an ancient relic, supposedly built by the gods. I don't know much about it, but Zeke does and he'll fill you in later. But when it falls, it symbolizes the apocalypse. Or something like that.
When I saw it fall from the chunk of earth somehow defying gravity and floating above the ocean, right by our city of Icarus, it just froze me. I felt like I couldn't move, couldn't breathe. Now I can be serious sometimes, no matter how much everyone doubts it. That moment is just proof.
But I had to see to it that my friends were okay. Once I got to Kalina's home, I realized Reece, Sage and Zeke were already there. That helps. But for some reason they didn't look too happy. I walked over and leaned against the wall in the kitchen where they sat.
Folding my arms, I said,"Whats got all you looking so dejected?"
They all looked at me. Like I was crazy or something. But hey, I just got there. How would I know what the hell they were talking about? Oh, sorry Kalina. Forgot.
Fiiiiinaaaallyy Zeke sighed and said,"Do you have any idea why the Pillar is collapsing?"
"The gods are angry and have no other means of showing it?" I shrugged. I really didn't know at that time, and I'm surprised the reason never crossed my mind.
"Us."Sage said. "Remember last year?"
Well my memory isn't that bad, so yes I did. And I felt my eyes widen with shock, my jaw fell, and I must have looked stupid.
"Nah, it couldn't be..."my voice faded out.
"Yes, so I guess the past really does come back to haunt you."Kalina said.
"Like a revenant in the night."Zeke said.
I looked at him blankly. Him with all his big words no one actually uses on a regular basis. Save him, at least.
"That was a year ago! It can't, fine, maybe it could. But we can’t prove it!"I said, sounding what I hoped was defiant. Rather then an arguing child.
"We have to stop it."Reece said. Ah, that quiet cousin of mine speaks at last.

So there you have it. Now we can finally get to the present. I really hate dwelling on the past. -Your favorite wayfaring treasure seeker, ACE

Sorry. Zeke needs to explain some things to you. As he puts it, so they are not ignorant of all things Fare. Ignorant? That sounds like idiot. Is it a smart version of idiot so people won’t actually know, unless you figure well it sounds like idiot? I am no idiot! Or ignorant! Ugh, people and their words no one knows what they mean! Anyway, have fun - ACE

Hey, Zeke here. Here is a condensed version of the legends I know of. And Ace, ignorant does not mean idiot. It means you don’t know any better.
Okay, so everyone knows it is supposedly built by the gods. It was built to conserve the equilibrium of the planet. Everyone thinks though, that its destruction means the apocalypse. But it doesn’t actually. It is really a caveat, and barely any are left living who know of that particular part of the lore. The gods want to warn the humans that they have one last chance to prove they can remain peaceful with one another or that they will no longer ... be. They will literally commit genocide by means which are argued upon until now more humans walk the planet. There is a more divine being, that will then come back out of hiding, because we humans shunned them away so long ago. A being our own city is unknowingly named after. But nobody remembers that either. That part is just my hypothesis though. No time to get into that. -Later, Zeke

Don’t know any better? Sounds like a nice way to say idiot. But hey, I did say I don’t dwell on the past. Whatever Zeke. I heard we can get onto the present now, but actually, you probably want to know what we did. I don’t want to talk about it. You’ll probably blame me too. But I have to. Says my four friends staring at me this moment. So heartlessly, I might add. So brutal and mercilessly. Just kidding, just kiddi-

I told you Ace is not serious! He likes losing his pen, doesn’t he? Well I’ll tell the story then.

So everyone knows Ace thinks he’s a wayfarer and he likes treasure hunting? Well he thought we should go and find this amulet that is supposed to be the hardest treasure to find. Well, I wouldn’t call it treasure. But everyone else does. The amulet is really known as the Crystal Phylactery. It offers protection to its bearer. So we searched for clues for seven months, and finally, found out about its true resting place from ... an injured icarus. It has to be kept a secret. Don’t tell. Icarii are hated by humans. As Zeke was saying, the divine being. The one favored by the gods, so they were given wings to be closer to the heavens. There, the gods could watch over their pride and glory much more.
We had to fight our way through the tower it was in, all the way to the top. It took days. It was hidden in a secret compartment in the wall. You had to literally put blood of the one seeking the protection on the wall opposite it. Poor Ace. He wanted it, so he sliced open a small cut on his finger. He had to trace a star on the wall. The compartment opened, and he grabbed the amulet. We had so much trouble sneaking out. No one is really supposed to enter that place. We really shouldn’t have. We caused the Pillar of Fare sa’Vaane to fall. Ace put on that amulet, and a crack began to run down the wall. Okay, so don’t judge us. The place we found it was... the Pillar of Fare sa’Vaane.
Now, our theory is that amulet was protecting the Fare all these years. And, now, Ace wears it hidden under his clothes everyday. It is a small crystal, in the shape of a diamond, and it glows an icy cold blue. It is beautiful, in a terrible way. Now that I know what it has caused, it will never be the same in my eyes. -Kalina
Or mine -Sage
Nor my eyes -Zeke
Not mine -Reece

Finally, she lets me write again. The agony of having to wait! Oh well, I’ll get over it. Anyway, we can finally get back to what we are going to do. Stop the Fare from ending the human race. Not as hard as it sounds. Or as easy as I just made it sound. We know we have to find a way to live in peace, right? So we think that we have to find the icarii, and then let them establish a life here. With us humans. We’re really not all bad. I swear.
So here is the biggest adventure of ACE the self known wayfarer, treasure seeker, and everything awesome in between and his comrades, Kalina the mage, Zeke the scholar, Reece the brave (he really is, he’s just quiet), and Sage the ...
-ACE, who is sorry he doesn’t know what Sage wanted him to put

Ace, you can put Sage the funner. Cause I’m funner than all of you. Hahahahahaaaa!
-You know I’m kidding, Sage

Now you know the reason behind our adventure. Any suggestion, just send us a note. Any criticisms, do the world a favor and punch yourself. It’s all forward into the present now. Our adventure will truly begin.

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on Mar. 8 2010 at 3:26 pm
I agreeeee! Amazing work.

samm84 said...
on Mar. 8 2010 at 3:24 pm
I love it ! Write morree soon ! Just the kind of stuff I read !