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-Ace- Adventures of A Self-Titled Wayfarer Prologue

January 22, 2010
By Jka_in_Wonderland GOLD, Canton, Ohio
Jka_in_Wonderland GOLD, Canton, Ohio
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It is unfathomable.
It is ominous.
It is pretty freaking unbelievable!
Especially since we caused it.
Well, now that I've got that off my chest, I'll -

That Ace! He's never serious! Now I'm taking over.

We thought it was just one little thing, but it wasn't.
We thought we could ignore the past and live our lives like nothing ever happened.
But we were wrong. And now we have to stop it. -Kalina

Hey, Ace again. Miss me?

I promise Kalina won't "take over" too often. She's just a bit- no, if I say that she'll take away my pen again. Hey, this is pretty fun for something I am being forced to do. Anyway, this is an account of events that happen while we try to... well I'll get to that. Be patient. I know its hard. Ha!
Anyway, I'll try to get the others to add in case you've already decided you don't like me. Your problem. Not mine. -ACE, the self-titled wayfarer, treasure hunter, and everything else awesome in between

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