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A Tale Of Chivalry And Bravery

January 12, 2010
By CodehhCalamity GOLD, Bundaberg, Other
CodehhCalamity GOLD, Bundaberg, Other
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Sir Amir grinned as he read the scroll pinned to the wooden wall of The Laughing Court Bard Inn.
To all brave men and women of Crantar City
Recently reports of a vicious creature terrorising traders and pilgrims on the Eastern Trade Road. It is said to be a griffin, but they have not been seen for many years so this would seem unlikely. Any who seek out the creature out and stop its reign of terror would be awarded one hundred gold crowns and an honorary position among the White Knights Of Crantar.
God Blessed And Power Almighty
The King Of Crantar
Julius Gordin

Sir Amir was a knight of the realm by birthright but he had always aspired to be a White Knight, the protectors of Crantar and the realm of Algalor. Now was his chance to join their ranks and achieve a long life dream. Hurriedly he dashed from the inn to his small stone house in the Guard’s Quarter, on the north western side of the city. Donning his armour and sheathing his sword at his hip, he locked the sturdy wooden door and saddled his horse, a white stallion named Elegancy. The guards gave him a nod as he rode through the eastern gates and onto the trade road between Crantar and Tiral.

For days he rode Elegancy down the cobbled path until he came across a stretch of road where deserted wagons lay looted and most had been destroyed. This must be the place he decided, so he dismounted his horse and drew his sword and surveyed the surrounding land. Common sense told him that the griffon or whatever it was lived in the cave with half chewed carcasses scattered at the entrance. Cautiously he walked into the darkness and soon found nothing but blackness. Through the darkness he could just make it an unlit torch hanging on a bracket on the far wall.

Once he had used his flint and tinder to light the torch he continued on around the corner, around the corner and straight into a griffon. The huge winged creature stood on its hind legs and growled, revealing jagged claws and rows of threatening razor sharp teeth. Mustering up his courage, he advanced on the creature with his sword held high in front of him. The creature leaped above him and one beat of its wings knocked him to the ground and one of its paws swiped across his chest leaving three gaping gashes from his shoulder to the centre of his chest.

Regaining his balance he thrust the sword straight into the creatures stomach as it flew back over him and tore a deep wound in its soft underbelly. With a crash the creature tumbled to the ground and Sir Amir reversed his thrust into a swing that finished the creature. Lining up his sword he carved the beast’s head right off its neck, splattering blood on his battle worn but sturdy armour. He carried the head to his horse and withdrew a cloth sack from his saddlebag and placed the head inside.

He began riding back to Crantar straight away and in a few days he was back in the bustling city streets and heading towards the Inner City gates. The guards pulled him up and asked him what his purpose was in the Inner City. When he showed them the griffon’s head they opened the gates and motioned for him to ride in. With a smile he rode on up the hill to the keep where the king resided.

The Royal Guard stood guard at the keep’s outer doors stopped him and once again he showed the griffon’s head and was escorted to the Great Hall where the king sat at the head of a long dining table talking to some lords and Amir went down on one knee.
“Rise Knight of Aglor and speak your purpose here,” the king commanded in a regal voice.
“My king, I bring you the head of the griffon of the eastern trade road.” he said, placing the sack on the floor in front of him. The king motioned the guard to bring the sack to him. When he examined the contents of the bag the king smiled and rose out of his grand chair.
“What is your name Sir Knight,” Julius inquired.
“I am Sir Amir, of house Sorilleous, your majesty,” Amir replied with a bow.
“Guards escort Sir Amir to the treasurer and get dear old Harte withdrew one hundred gold crowns as a reward and then take him to see Sir Lorin to induct him into the White Knight’s ranks.”
“My king I thank you greatly but the coin will not be necessary. The honour of becoming a White Knight is reward enough.”
“A true knight of chivalry it would seem, very well just go to Lorin then and perhaps I shall speak with you on another occasion of the deed you performed, for now you are dismissed, go with honour Sir Amir of the White Knights.”
“Thank you my king,” and with that Amir left the Great Hall and followed the guard in front of him with a victorious grin, he had finally achieved his dream.

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