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Attack of The Chimps 1

October 3, 2009
By Mocahking SILVER, Wesminister, Maryland
Mocahking SILVER, Wesminister, Maryland
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One day, in the land of the Browning people, a commencement ceremony for daylight savings time was going on. They were so happy because they got to save up daylight in the bank until summer solstice. After the mayor, Kyle, said the initial speech there was a party.

Meanwhile, deep in the jungle, the chimpanzees were planning an assault. Inevitably, the next day after next, there would be an attack. They were stocking up on weaponry, and Jared, king of all chimps was ready. Owen, the Japanese chimp, was drilling his samurai chimps, Jade, Matt, and Tyler.
The next morning after next, it was chaotic. The chimps were attacking with potato machine guns. After the chimps hit the daylight savings vault, everyone got mad. They attacked the chimps with exotic jellybean rifles. After the troops had suffered damage, Shannon, the land troop commander, yelled for a retreat. The humans had won the battle, but they had not won the war.
that night, the mayor appointed John, Vicky, and Eric as head of there own parts of the army. Kyle wanted super–ultra-mega tanks, but gas prices went up, so he didn’t. That night Ian the architect stayed up and created ten-foot thick titanium alloy walls who’s scientific name ironically rhymed with cheese.
The next day, the chimps, who had merged with monkey inc., parachuted down onto the village, including owen’s Samurai. The commander, Zach, landed first. Then came the rest of his troops, and the samurai. The samurai drew their weapons, which were hand- carved staffs, and potato grenades. As you can see, they liked potatoes. AS Owen and his samurai went around, the paratrooper forces had to face Eric and his forces. When Eric screamed ”charge!” both forces bombarded each other with heavy fire. While Owen and Company went around from the back, they took out many soldiers with their staffs. Matt and Tyler dealt damage with their staffs, while jade attacked with Potato grenades. The human forces were suffering heavy losses. Then one jellybean sniper took out Zach, and the chimps scattered. They had an easy fight from that point.
The mayor decided that while the Chimpanzees were focused on something else, that they should attack their base. They stocked up on jellybeans and sporks to attack with. It was hard to find the base, though, because no one could even vaguely specify its location. Anyhow, john took his spy force out to find the base. They had to travel deep into the jungle to find it. Once that happened, They shot the signal flare, and Vicky and her forces stole a giant potato without much trouble. Ian constructed a giant cannon and its use will be revealed shortly. As Vicky, john, and Eric led the chimp population to the town, the chimpanzees smelled potatoes. As the scent grew stronger the chimps instinctively went to the source, which was the giant cannon. The chimps ran inside it, and then Kyle, the mayor lit the fuse and “BOOM!” the chimps flew to a new home, happy with their giant potato.

The author's comments:
Just episode one! stay tuned!

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