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A Shining Sea and I

November 14, 2022
By Anonymous

       The darkest blue that the eye can see, a sea lighted by the sun. The waves are gracefully forming and crashing, and the air is still strongly scented with salt. Birds in the distance imitate the sounds of passing boats. I had always sensed that the sea and I valued each other's presence; it was as if we were friends. Every wave the tide carried in and every wind from the surface felt harmonized at that very time as the sun stayed above. I've had a lot of great experiences in nature, but the ocean has always stood out for me. 

       I went to the beach a few times during the summer, but the weekend after it finished, I missed the water. I needed a change of scenery, though, and I wanted this visit to be unique. I've gone boating and swimming in the ocean, but I've never had the wonderful sensation of surfing. Our boards were shoved against the side of our hips and stomach as we ran toward the waves. When I felt the sea spray on my burnt-red cheeks, I couldn't help but smile.

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