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Dream Boat

October 17, 2022
By Yairebsor BRONZE, Livingston, Montana
Yairebsor BRONZE, Livingston, Montana
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  We were floating in our boat, when we spotted it. Our favorite island to stop on. We all got out of our raft-all 6 of us-and ran to the sandiest spot on the coolest island on the Yellowstone river.    My 3 siblings were playing in the sand when I saw it. A mountain lion. And it was eyeing my siblings.

  I ran as fast as I could and told them it was time to go and that mom had watermelon at the boat. They ran to the boat and dug in the cooler for the watermelon.

  Mom and Dad came running too. They told me they had seen it too. We all hopped on and we pushed off. We were pretty far from the island when I saw it again. It was swimming after us! at the same time 2 of my siblings hopped into the inner tubes.

  All of a sudden it got really cold. Off to the side of the river there were now sheets of ice, where once had been sand. It was getting closer and closer to my siblings in the inner tubes.

  Just as it was about to hop on my sister I pushed her out of the way and jumped into the ice cold water. I yelled at it and it started swimming after me. I swam to the sheets of ice at pushed myself up onto one.

  The mountain lion hopped up after me. I started to run but I wasn't quick enough. It was gaining on me. It was about to pounce when the ice cracked. I fell through the ice and sat up in bed panting.

  It was just a dream.

The author's comments:

I don't know why it got cold or why there was a mountain lion on that island, but then again, dreams often don't make sense. I am just glad it didn't happen in real life!

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