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The Sloth Cockroach

March 16, 2021
By rhainhollingsworth BRONZE, Hamilton, Montana
rhainhollingsworth BRONZE, Hamilton, Montana
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One day I decided to go to the zoo. While I was at the zoo I saw all kinds of animals and plants. I saw the most interesting animal and I had no idea what it was. So I asked one of the other zoo animals what it was. They explained that it was a giant sloth cockroach. I was very confused on how this was found and why it was not already famous.

Bryn: It had a huge enclosure that was filled with trees and bushes. It also had a massive water and food bowl. It had no other animals with it, and I thought that it would probably be lonely. I had wondered what it’s name was, so I decided to call him Freddy. I think that it is a very fitting name. I walked around the rest of the zoo but I was still drawn back to Freddy and I don’t know why.

Mia: I left the zoo that day and decided that I had to go back every day, I couldn't just leave him all alone everyday. The next day I went back and talked to him, I noticed that when I talked to him he would come closer to the glass wall of the terrarium like he was listening to me. So everyday I went back to the zoo and told him everything that had happened to me earlier that day, and if  nothing interesting happened I would just read his stories. One day I went to visit him and tell him everything that happened, but when I got there he wasn't in his terrarium.

Laurel: I went around looking everywhere for him. He was nowhere to be seen though. I decided that I should ask someone who works there if they knew where he was since I had started to get worried. I asked one of the zookeepers but he just turned away from me and walked away without a word. I was furious. Who would really be that rude to a little kid. On the ride home I sat there anxiously thinking about all the possibilities of where he could be.

Austin: When I got there the next day, he was back and he was fine. He had a very odd look to him. His legs were hairy and he looked like a sloth but larger and he looked like a cockroach with his shape. I was happy to see him and he ran up to the glass, one thing that he does not have in common with sloth is his speed. He is as fast as a cheetah, but he sleeps a lot.

Casey: This animal was very confusing to me as he was still explaining it to me. As he keeped going on with his explanation I was playing around with this weird animal. He was super duper fast and couldn't keep track of him but it also looked like he was sleeping at the same exact time. As I was about to leave this amazing animal gave birth and I was the only one to see this. And the guy asked me if I wanted one.

“Sure I’ll take it.” The man handed him to me and he was the most adorable and fascinating thing I had ever seen. His legs were crooked like a bug but they were hairy like a sloth. It made no sense, but it worked. I loved this little guy. I decided to name him Jeff. When I took him home, something unexpected happened. 

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