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The Siren's Song of Revenge

April 30, 2019
By _Emma_Lynn_ SILVER, Hemet, California
_Emma_Lynn_ SILVER, Hemet, California
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When something bad happens, you have three choices: let it define you, let it destroy you, or let it strengthen you.

     There’s a sailor’s myth that says when the restless waves lay gently under your ship and the moon glistens down upon the water, sirens are drawing near. They lurk beneath the belly of the boat, drifting silently underneath, hushed croons in tempting voices. They sing up to the surface, drawing you closer with their silvery tone. Once the tip your nose skims the brim of the surface, they tear you out of your ship and drag you down to the hushed depths of the ocean. You struggle and fight but dozens of the angelic creatures force you into the sandy ground. The last thing you see is a blurred view of the smudged moon. The last thing you feel is the dust you lay upon, the stinging of salt water wrapped in your eyes. The last thing you hear is their laughter and charming harmonies. You close your eyes and inhale, feeling the iced water rush into your lungs, inflaming your chest as you await your death. Many believe these creatures are to be evil beasts that roam the seas. They can be twisted, but the truth lurks far in the past.

     Back in the early 1700s, there were many sailors that traveled the seas in search of land, treasure, and glory. These men were ruthless and afraid of nothing, besides one exception: women. They battled pirates and savages, the merciless waves, countless beasts from below, yet they feared women. They believed the very presence of a woman aboard a ship brought bad luck and disasters. Because of this belief, if a woman, both young and old, was found aboard their ship, the sailors, out of pure paranoia, threw them overboard. To make matters worse for the women, their feet were bound together to be sure that they and all of their bad omens sunk far beneath the sea. Little did these sailors know the created something new, majestic, twisted. As they would sink to the bottom, their legs still tied, they slowly changed. Their legs merged into one, their lungs adapted to the salty surroundings. As the sailors believed they solved this bad omen problem, they created an army of stunning devils. In seeking revenge, these mysterious creatures take any chance they can to destroy any man that dare set sail on their seas. They lure any sailor they can with their silky voices, still stinging from the salt water they breathed.

     Many believe that mermaids are just an urban legend. Who knows; there’s still 96% of the ocean to explore.

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The ocean is pretty deep. Who really knows what's down there?

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on May. 17 2019 at 7:39 am
ParkerRobert_B SILVER, Greer, South Carolina
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“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see” -Mark Twain

Great job!