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West Chester University

November 16, 2017
By rizzy12 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
rizzy12 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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West Chester University is located in West Chester, PA. The college was founded in 1871,  It is a suburban setting campus where 15,845 students are enrolled with the campus size of 49 acres. Specialized in 72 majors that are offered. Programs such as athletics and majors that vary from accounting, nursing as well as music education. To my knowledge I don’t feel as though West Chester University is a very competitive college as far as the acceptance rate, the overall acceptance rate is 59%. There’s also a 59% of women and 41% of men that attend college there.


The environment and atmosphere itself is neutral, you wouldn’t have to worry about negative stuff going on around the campus. The campus looks like a castle in my opinion it’s well structured and organized, if you ever find difficulty trying to figure out where to go the campus has signs to direct you in the right area as well. Classroom size isn’t to bad it’s mainly filled with freshman. Sports that are offered are basketball, softball, swimming, as well as football. 

West Chester University housing more than 1,000 students on the North campus in four traditional residence halls. Housing goes by single-gender living. Although they’re not required but they can live on campus. Housing deposit on May 1st,  Housing is guaranteed, the rooms are like a suite style room a bathroom in each suite. Housing also comes with a nonsmoking rule, including an 24-hour quiet floor. For the South campus it is approximately fitting 500 students, each apt. Is fully furnished and houses 4-5 people. These Apts. are available to current students beyond their first year.

Mostly everyone that attend West Chester plays a sport, mostly popular sports like cheerleading, baseball,basketball,football and others. The academics are Criminal Justice, Mathematics, New Political Science, pre-Engineering, it goes by semester, they also have tutoring, disabilities services, and the class sizes 20-25 people. West Chester University of PA is ranked #64 in Regional Universities North. Their Majors include: Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services. The education? English Language and Literature/Letters and also Physcology.

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