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October 11, 2015
By stenova BRONZE, Trumbull, Connecticut
stenova BRONZE, Trumbull, Connecticut
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Burlington, VT: Slightly chilly August air gently brushed my face – this is Vermont, after all. Wide-eyed and as new to the college admissions process as a sophomore could be, as green as the vibrant campus surrounding me, I left the admissions office. A complimentary catamount in one hand and a map in the other, I headed toward a group of stately brick buildings with ivy cascading down their sides. Mount Mansfield’s tall peak loomed over the college on the right, and the refreshing waters of Lake Champlain and the small, bustling center of Burlington were on the left, a view unparalleled in the city. This is the University of Vermont.

UVM is renowned for its campus, with several buildings meeting rigorous environmental standards (one has an entire ecosystem inside), but even more so for its academics. Its medical school is nationally renowned and extremely selective, but all of its majors – from sustainable business to zoology – provide a quality education in an environment that supports you as a student and as you enter the world. Whether you want to take out a biology textbook or all the seasons of “Friends,” the library has you covered, along with tutoring from fellow students and a writing center to get you adjusted to college writing.

UVM’s appeal extends to the comfortable dorms and wide variety of amenities, including free weekly massages. Alternative music and news permeates the campus, with students as unique as the school they attend. Sports are wide-ranging, with the typical club, intramural, and varsity sports along with more unique options like Quidditch and broomball, a UVM specialty. A new Ben and Jerry’s is currently under construction; no matter how cold, students love their ice cream.

Regardless of the freezing temperatures in the winter, UVM’s staff and students are always warm and welcoming. A lovely school in an even lovelier town, you’ll join me in shouting “Go, Cats, Go!” after visiting this beautiful campus in a cosmopolitan yet charming area with unparalleled views and an unrivaled education.

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