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July 22, 2012
By mellowmari SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
mellowmari SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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Chicago, IL: Fall is approaching quickly and it’s that time of year again for high school seniors to buckle up and get ready to prepare their college applications. While this task may seem stressful and time-consuming at first, it will surely be beneficial in the long run. At this point, one should know which colleges and/or universities they are applying to, but for those of you who are still unsure, I have a suggestion!

DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois has become one of the city’s prominent universities. It comprises of two campuses: The Loop campus in the city’s Downtown area and the Lincoln Park campus. Both campuses are always bustling with student activities and programs. The Loop Campus is centered near Millennium Park, the Field Museum and Soldier Field while the Lincoln Park Campus consists of retail shops and brownstone houses. Students can take classes on both campuses; Commuting is made easy because the campuses are only 17 minutes apart via the ‘’L’’ trains.

Students are required to take a ‘’Discover Chicago’’ course during their first year at DePaul, which is especially beneficial to those students who are new to Chicago. It is an opportunity to become familiar with the environment that DePaul dwells and flourishes on. Whether you live here or not, it is always important to know your surroundings and take advantage of expanding your knowledge.

Tuition is one of the main factors that a student looks into when choosing a college. Let’s face it - College is expensive. Fortunately, DePaul offers a variety of scholarships that are offered to eligible students every year. These include service learning scholarships, the Presidential scholarship and the DePaul Scholars’ Award. There is also financial aid which includes grants, loans and assistantships.

DePaul has a very warm and homey feel to it. It encourages a diverse group of students to apply to become a future Blue Demon. It is a pretty big school(over 20,000 students attend it) which offers a variety of majors. Everything from Television Production to International Studies to Chemistry is offered. And students are not just restricted to their studies in the classroom, there are also internships available and opportunities to study abroad. It’s the full package!

So if you are looking for a city school with Chicago connections, diversity and a strong academic record in and out of the classroom, head to DePaul. They want to help you become career ready and start your path to a promising future. Are you ready to be shown your way to wisdom?

Explore DePaul at or schedule a tour of the campus today.

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