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   Hamilton, NY: When asked by my peers what I thought was so special about Colgate University, I didn't know where to begin. The first words that came to my mind were, "It just felt right." It most definitely did. From the moment I ventured onto the picturesque campus I fell in love with Colgate.

Arriving at the Office of Admissions, we were warmly greeted and invited to a comfortable sitting room filled with other college-bound students and their families. After tea, coffee, and snacks we began the most productive and informative tour I've experienced in the five colleges that I've visited. Our first stop was to meet with one of the Admissions officers who shared with us what Colgate looks for in an applicant. We were then asked to propose a question about the admissions process. It was very helpful to receive a firsthand answer on what to expect.

Our tour guide was a junior who was extremely friendly and eager to answer any questions the group had. She led us up and down the many hills on campus, making sure to stop at the library, dining halls, and dormitories. She also pointed out the athletic facilities, and allowed us to sit in on a class. Two of Colgate's impressive aspects are the small class size and its accessible professors. We also visited one of the dorms that had just been built. It gave us a chance to see what living at college was really like. The dorm rooms were generous and definitely habitable. I chatted with some of the Colgate students who said only good things about the university. They were working very hard and said that they spent a majority of their time with their computers.

It wasn't only the beautiful fall day that made Colgate such a great place to see; it was what it had to offer. Every Colgate student we saw that afternoon was smiling, gleaming about how happy they were to attend college at this beautiful institution. Many of the students shared with us the well-known words "Work hard, party hard." Colgate offers an excellent academic program along with a honorable athletic program, music program, arts program, and many others. Colgate offers something special for every interested person.

For one afternoon I followed the sidewalks of Colgate University. They brought me through trees and buildings that I will never forget. Colgate is a recommended visit to those interested in a small liberal arts school with an excellent program. f

Reviewed in 1995

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