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   Bridgewater, MA: When I first arrived at Bridgewater, I was directed to the Admissions Office where our tour was to start. When I walked in, I felt very welcomed by advisors and students.

Randy, who led our tour, was a junior and very knowledgeable in all aspects. Randy took us through the media center, which was big and had a lot to offer, including computers, programs, books, and televisions on which you could watch taped classes that you may have missed. We also went in some classrooms. The average class size is no more than 30 people, which is unusually good for a state school.

The dorms are split up between freshmen, sophomores, and upperclassmen. There is only one freshman dorm which is located on the far part of campus. The rooms were all just renovated. The freshmen have their own cafeteria on the bottom floor, which is very convenient although there is a main cafeteria anyone is welcome to use. The sophomore dorms are split between wet and dry. This helps prevent anyone's being put in an uncomfortable situation.

The college was given money to build a new football stadium. It's very nice, and for anyone looking to play field sports there are many practice fields. There are now old and new tennis courts.

Bridgewater, Massachusetts is an attractive college town. Within a half-mile radius, there are many shops and restaurants. There is also a college store to supply you with anything from food and clothing, to books.

As for social life, there are two bars on campus, one for 18 and under and one for 21 and over. Like any school, the students also throw their own parties.

Overall, Bridgewater State has a very casual atmosphere with much to offer. The campus is not small but rather very spread out. Although it is spread out, there are no dark spots and there is campus police. If you are an outgoing, casual person, I recommend looking at Bridgewater State College. f

Reviewed in 1995

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