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Kingsborough Community College

March 23, 2008
By Anonymous

Kingsborough Community College is apart of the City University of New York, which is a group of colleges throughout the five boroughs of New York City.The name Kingsborough refers to the the borough of Brooklyn,where the college is located which is also known as Kings County.Kingsborough is located along the end of a beach,and has an on campus lighthouse which directly faces the Atlantic Ocean. Kingsborough serves thousands of Brooklyn residents on a yearly basis.
Kingsborough offers courses that allow you to earn college credit,and courses that you can take for fun.Some courses that the college offers are in the liberal arts,sciences such as biology,business,performing arts,and courses on how to navigate a boat on the ocean,and how boats are engineered,and constructed.Kingsborough offers associates degrees,but allows students to transfer their credits to other four year senior colleges to continue their studies.
Kingsborough has a state of the art library,performing arts theater,beachside dining area,computer lab and a marine science center.One of Kingsborough's productions that was performed at the campus's performing arts center was "Little Shop of Horrors".
Before I got accepted into Kingsborough,they offered two of their courses at my high school which allowed me to earn college credits, and grades that I could transfer to Kingsborough or any other City University of New York school upon admission to the school through their College Now Program.I took advantage of this offer and now I have three credits at Kingsborough College before I start my freshmen year there in the fall.Kingsborough also requires all accepted students to take the standard City University Proficiency Test in math,reading,writing and science to help students be placed in the proper courses during their freshmen year at the college.

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