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January 6, 2017
By mirandanese BRONZE, Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania
mirandanese BRONZE, Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania
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The morning mist was clearing up and the sun was beginning to rise as my mother began tugging me around placing me in random spots of the house for the annual ‘Back to School picture'. The difference between this picture and the past nine was that I was no longer in the bubble of my grade school, today would be my first day of high school. The skirt for my all girls' school was down to my knees, my shirt was a hand-me-down from my much shorter and thicker cousin, and my sweater was two sizes too big. As I smiled uncomfortable for the yearly picture I was filled with the uneasy feeling of the biggest change thus far in my life, high school. That day was one of the most uncomfortable parts of my high school career. I knew only around five people, while everyone else chatted excitedly with their close friends. I didn't know what to do I was not accustomed to this; my new life was breaking my perfect routine I had created over the past couple of years. Looking back to the scared freshman I was, I realize how dramatic of a change to the senior I am today. I know everyone in my grade, I'm comfortable with saying hi to anyone is the halls and always making my voice heard in class meetings. Despite the comfortability I have now change is what scares me. Change will always happen its impossible to live life without it. College is a bigger change than high school, you are no longer under the constant protection of your parents, your friends are not a call away, and everything you know alters. I realize without the failure and awkwardness of my first day of high school, I would not enjoy my school as much as I do. College is something new, all incoming freshman will be in the same boat of trying to create a social life while figuring out what they want to do with their life after school. My life is going to change completely whether I like it or not. The failure of adapting to the change is what worries me, but there is no point in doing something if you already know how it will happen. We are tested by the changes in our lives; they show us what kind of person we are. Nothing good comes out of being safe. Change is inevitable; it's scary, and it unpredictable. Good and bad change is what has propelled my life, put me in the athletics I’ve played, the classes I loved, and the friends I have cherished. Life is about adapting, college is a part of that process. College is where you change yourself for the better. You become who you are with the challenges life throws at you, I'm ready to see the person I will be.

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