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November 19, 2014
By Swimmergirl101 GOLD, Rolla, Missouri
Swimmergirl101 GOLD, Rolla, Missouri
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“There is no young person who aspires to be a high school dropout,” Duncan says, “When someone drops out, it’s the symptom of the problem. Not the problem itself.”

He is right. Almost 75% of high school dropouts are linked to drug abuse or mental issues. Ordinary kids like me dropout of high school because of drugs, teen pregnancies, and just plain bulling. I think we should take action and help these kids.

According to atlantic.com, 75% of dropouts are linked to drug or steroid use. The brain starts to shut down and you become less efficient and less engaged in class. It then becomes boring for you if it wasn’t boring before. Soon you become more and more distracted and you don’t comprehend anything. High school turns into a prison for you. I don’t think anyone wants to stay in a prison.

So… your brain is shutting down. Scary, isn’t it? Smoking and chewing tobacco isn’t only bad for your health; you loose interest in everything around you. Tobacco and smoking can quickly deteriorate your teeth and gums. It can also damage your lungs, stomach, nerves, and esophagus.

CNN states that 90% of girls who get pregnant drop out of school. Now, why do you think that is? I think girls are sexually active and not using protection and/or birth control. There are a growing number of teen pregnancies each year and the importance of sexual education is growing.

Another problem is the girl wants to keep the baby and can’t care for her child. Teachers and parents, help your students and children. They need the support from you and their boyfriend to take care of the baby and finish school. Nurses, start handing out birth control so these girls don’t have to be a teen mom and not get the education she needs to get a job that she can support a family with.

The next problem hits home hard. Why do some people hate Native Americans?  Or immigrants? You give them weird looks and ignore them because they have and accent or have colored skin? Only 51% of Native Americans graduate high school. I’m 25% Cherokee and I am the weird kid; I’m the misfit; I’m the one who no one wants to hang out with. It’s hard. Some people are suicidal because of it. This is the biggest problem I see in high schools, junior high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, and even private schools. Some are so judgmental of other people, they’re missing the point. The reality is there is no one person that is less or more than you are. Someone might be poor financially, academically, or physically, but that person is no less than anyone because they have they’re own talents and skills. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.

I believe everyone should have the chance to graduate high school and college, but others will see the people who have a future as a threat. The nerds, geeks, and rejections are taken down so they are no longer a threat. They are trying to take you down and build themselves up and act like they are the victims here. You need to stand up for yourself and take that power away from them because the nerds, geeks, and rejects are the ones who are tomorrow’s leaders.

Here are ways to keep teens in school.
• Quit using drugs and steroids.
• Find the forgotten and give them hope.
• Teachers and parents, help your female students/daughters.

Now, my challenge for you is to go out there and show the world what you have to offer. Be the person you want to be. Not the high school dropout or the stay at home mom who couldn’t get her diploma because of a baby. Be the one who stands out and shines.

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