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January 18, 2008
By Anonymous

What does it mean to be normal? Normal is a relative term that is thrown around casually. The reason why I decided to analyze this whole concept of “normal “is because I caught myself always saying to my parents and various others in my life, “you are not normal”!
I would use this as a comeback when I was unhappy, but then I realized am I really normal and who am I to judge? Anyways is it good to be normal?
Is the person walking their dog normal? Is the guy mowing the law normal? Normal is what you make it to be. I think that everyone is just as normal as the person standing next to them. What makes someone normal is the clothes they wear, the street they live on, the religion they belong to, or there family. What do all of these external factors have to do with determining ones identity and if it is normal or not? What about internal characteristics of a person, ones threshold for pain, ones sensitivity, ones humor …what role does that play in determining ones identity?
There is not an answer to this question…everyone chooses to identify themselves differently. Is normal living in the big yellow house with a picket fence and having a golden retriever or a cat? I personally do not think I am normal; I like to think of myself as unique. I think that unique is a rather vague term although I would use that to identify myself. I was born and raised in Manhattan, most people from outside the New York World would call a family raising children in a city is not normal ,and then I would view someone in Kentucky with a farm raising children on farm not normal.
One day I was in the mall and I saw a Hasidic Jew wearing a hat and traditional garb, I overheard someone who was wearing a hat a huge chain and there pants hanging off their butt mutter “they are so weird what are they wearing “ ?

I then thought to myself again what is normal and who is this person to judge. Often others base “normal” on traditions that were passed down by family or culture.

When two people are getting married it is by tradition that the brides parents pay for the wedding. Is that really a normal tradition though, I certainly know plenty of people who would beg to
Differ. If the couple are two adults who are working and making money it isn’t normal for them to still rely on their parents, but then again
Who am I to judge? How does the concept of “normal” change based on progress through society? A hundred years ago what was considered to be normal is now laughed at. What one has to endure to be considered normal in today’s society is all relative based on where your niche is. Over the summer I made a friend from Greece and a friend from Paris, they were both in shock by how the men treat the women in America. In relation to where they are from and what they are used to that is not considered normal.

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Daisy M. said...
on Aug. 21 2008 at 5:02 am
Wow! After reading this article made me wonder to myself what exactly is normal? I agree many people describe it differently and not know what it means. This article was well written and made me think a lot. By far this is one of the best articles i've ever read.