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January 24, 2008
By Anonymous

My hand pressed lightly on the cold metal of our screen door, as my two steps lead me onto cold, wet, cement steps. The air was filled with scents of wet hay stacks and mud. With shaking hands, I lifted my black studded sweatshirt hood over my already wet hair, as hot pink wash-away hair dye trickled down the side of my face. Gazing at the beautiful grey sky, I could not help to wonder how the clouds felt. Three steps off the stairs, my favorite Adio brand skate shoes sunk three inches into the mud that surrounded my house. I swore under my breath, then subsided it, the water falling from the sky will wash it away.

There she was, black, red, and sopping wet, my brand new four wheeler. Freshly filled with gasoline, the scent still filled the air. I closed my eyes and took in a breath of relief. The four wheeled happiness was my escape from tough family life. Muddy shoes grasped the foot rests. Fumbling in my poorly swen pocket for the key, I slid the cold metal into the dusty key hole, turned it rapidly and clenched my teeth as the groaning engine turned. My right hand thumb twitched as I pressed the gas hard causing the back wheels to fling mud up all overthe ATV's body. "Oh well", past between my lips in one short breath.

I sped off over muddy, soggy gravel. I made a sharp turn at the end of my uphill driveway as muddy water drenched my faded black Tripp pants. I sped off down a dead end road, turning hard as the back wheels fish tail onto a canal road. Heading full speed with rocks flying up hitting me from every direction, as well as the ATV. I noticed from behind rain stained glasses, that a five foot deep, five foot wide, empy canal was but four feet ahead of me.

My mind went blank as I spiraled down and everything went dark. After what seemed like five minutes, my eyes tore open and my rain covered world was blurry and filled with intense pain. Feeling mud under my person, I had noticed a numb sensation in my legs that felt like repeated bee stings. I looked down wearily and found the source of my pain, the four-wheeler was on top of my legs.

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