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I Am From

January 17, 2008
By Anonymous

I am from downy & off- white sheets;From Pinesol & Overdone Bleach.I am from the hard part of a place no one knows & from a broken home with hard goals. I am from a mother who loved me lots & never will her love be forgot.
I am from Chicken Sandwiches with Ranch inside & with a broken heart I can't hide,from Micheal & Bobby. I am from wrong do'ers & accusers.
From not telling us what our families future lie.... To Nothing But Painful Cry's. I am from Black & White, going to church when feeling guilty & giving our life to christ over & over again.
I'm from Lashawn's House with Chicken Noodle Soup & Beanie Weenie ( thats beans & hot dogs if you don't understand). From the Auntie when I was young who told me I was beautiful & would be brillant beyond my beliefs. The cousin I lost young inspired me to live life as their there is no tomorrow & the sister that I wished was mine once inspired me to be the you're feeling now....... ME............
I am spiral circle frames,strapbooks of unwanted pain,and photo albums of time that lasted all of five seconds, from angels that are gone, to people that won't trueful won't be missed, & animals that held our hearts & still do. I am from angry & sad people who are wearing down day after day.
I am from normal people just like


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