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December 9, 2007
By Anonymous

The world is confused and twisted in its pay rate. In society we hold entertainment on a pedestal. Today their are pro athletes, actors, actresses, and singers making so much more than our educators. We should hold the few lionhearted teachers up on a pedestal and raise them high. We should also hold the compassionate doctors, firefighter, and police officers up.
The average pro athlete gets a sum of eighteen million a year. Actors and actresses can make an atrocious sum of twenty million a film. Singers can make a sickening sum of one hundred and fifty million a year. The pay rates of talent capability is getting to outrageous in the world. As a camaraderie we should agree that there are more important things rather than entertainment.
The average teacher salary ranges from $35,807 to $41,400. The average yearly salary for firefighters and police officers are $42,370. The pay rate in entertainment, education, and life saving is such a disgrace in every angle. The salary of educators, firefighters, police officers, and doctors should be raised immediately.
As a community we have failed to realize that education is important. Doctors save our lives and the lives of our family members on a daily bases. Firefighters and police officers keep us out of harm's way. We should be thankful of them and their strong-willed dedication.
Let's not forget what all they do for us. Educators are the one's who prepare us to be doctors, lawyers, firefighters, and even athletes. If it was not for what they do who knows what the world would be like. We should rise to the occasion and give them the salary they deserve.

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