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Personal Statement for ISU

January 24, 2012
By Anonymous

“A good education is the greatest gift you can give yourself or anyone else.” As freshman in high school, I visited Illinois State University, and since then, it has been my first and only choice for college. From the moment I stepped onto the campus I knew there was no place else I would rather want to go after high school. I loved the atmosphere of the quad, and how all the independent college students looked so eager to be there. Thereafter, I have always pictured myself on the same quad someday. I have done a lot of research on Illinois State University, and it seems to be the perfect fit for all I have ever wanted in my college experience. It is the full package of great academic programs, student life, and options. I want to further my education because I am determined to succeed, interested in advancing my knowledge of science, and I have a passion for learning.

I am currently undecided about my major, but I am considering a major in Chemistry. I have learned that Illinois State offers a lot for that field of study, such as time in a laboratory, and great professors. Also, Illinois State is well known for being a school for aspiring teachers. This is another reason I am extremely interested in studying at Illinois State University, as I hope to become a high school chemistry teacher. I have always done very well in the chemistry courses offered at my high school. I achieved a high “A” in Chemistry during my sophomore year, and I am currently taking an Advanced Chemistry course in which I currently have a B. I have learned about all that Illinois State University has to offer for Chemistry major, and I know that I will have a lot of time working in an actual laboratory. And will have access to great chemistry professors that will help mentor me throughout the courses. I have explored the different courses that are offered to science majors, and there is a great variety in which all sound interesting.

I have usually done well when it comes to my grades; I always try my hardest, and complete all my assignments. One of my weaknesses is procrastinating; I tend to leave homework and studying until the last minute. Even though I procrastinate I still get my work done, and I believe I strive under pressure. I have the ability to push through many obstacles to accomplish my goals. My parents have always motivated me to do my best in school. My older brother, John, has always been a role model for me. He always works his hardest in school to accomplish his dreams, and has always pushed me to do my best to achieve my dreams. Ever since I was little and in gymnastics he would always tell me, “If you give it all you have and dedicate yourself to something, you are bound to achieve anything you put your mind to.” Ever since then, that motivation has been branded into my mindset. Although during the beginning of high school I did come to a crossroads. Freshman year was the biggest struggle for me academically. I had a hard time second semester mainly because of family issues. There was a lot of hostility in my house at this time, which caused me to lose some focus in school. I had a difficult time this semester in Biology Honors, which I received a final grade of a D. Despite the fact that I earned that grade, I still enjoy the subject of Biology immensely. I look forward to studying it in my future without the distractions.

Furthermore, I believe I will be more successful than other applicants because my passion for science. Science engages me more than any other subject. Also, there is always so much more to learn about that field of study. To thrive in something you have to put your heart into it, and without heart you will never be successful. I have a lot of desire to learn about subjects I enjoy, and to further my education. Learning new things is extremely enthralling for me. Education is infinite. You are never done learning in life, and there are constantly new discoveries and innovations to study. I am anticipating the new things, and experiences I will be exposed to at Illinois State University.
Illinois State University seems like a great place for me study and I look forward to the opportunity to attend there next year.

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