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Who Am I?

October 22, 2007
By Anonymous

I’m not just your ordinary seventeen year old girl. I laugh when things aren’t funny. I change my mind almost every two seconds. Over thinking is like my second job. I stress out over spilled milk. No one’s perfect.
I’m bullheaded. Little things hit my buzzer. I don’t really like to lie to my parents or do anything too outlandish. I’d rather visit somewhere in the United States than travel across the world. I could be a little more out there, but that’s just me. No one’s perfect.
I hate driving. Turning left onto North bend out of school is one of my biggest fears. Big bugs make me jump to the ceiling with anxiety. I do better in school when I don’t try, rather than when I do. I cry when other peoples’ parents yell at me, but could care less when my own do. No one’s perfect.
y friends think I have weird facial expressions. They say I am obnoxious most of the time, when really I just have random hyper spurts. What really gets to them is when I wake up early and am full of energy. They hate that. We can all be crazy kids though. When we go to public places, we yell to get people’s attention and can care less what others think. We fight all the time, but would not trade each other if the world depended on it. No one’s perfect.
I don’t exercise at all. Sports are a very foreign topic for me. I say I am a Bengals fan, but when I watch the game I have no idea what’s going on. I absolutely hate procrastinating, even though I do it occasionally. My room being dirty and my laundry not being done makes my days go bad. I forget almost everything. My memory span consists of five seconds. Most of the time my brain is on autopilot. I lose my cell phone every other minute. No one’s perfect.
’m clumsy. Toothpaste is found on the most random parts of my body almost every morning. I daydream in every class I’m in and sometimes it’s as if I live in a different world. My hearing is terrible. Words come at me as jibber jabber a significant amount of the time. I do not comprehend directions well, or sometimes at all and usually do what I am not supposed to do. No one’s perfect.
I have to match even if I’m taking a nap. I wear headbands even though they suffocate my big head. Earrings make me feel complete. I like to dress up for everything and anything. No one’s perfect.
My taste in music depends on the season or mood I am in. Rap music excites me and gets me “pumped up.” I like to bounce to it in my car. I can only listen to country music in the summer time, or else it’s just sad and depressing. Rock comes for the

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