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This I Believe

December 13, 2007
By Anonymous

Are you tired of being left out to dry while your so called “helper” is just hanging out. Personally it’s quite irritating. I believe that you shouldn’t depend on others for things you want to do.

This all started to become a reality during a Sixth grade group project. In our project my “partner” and I had to plan and budget a trip to Australia. At the beginning my “partner” pledged to do half of the work. I had just gone on and assumed he had kept his word, but unfortunately the day before it was due he broke the ice. Apparently he hadn’t done a thing. So all that night I got the grunt work of having to Finnish my half, as well as his. This was when the light started to shine in on how you can’t rely on any one. I relied on him and he dropped the ball.

At this point there was only a sliver of this idea exposed. You’d think that by now I would have learned from m previous encounter, but no. The time of year had come for a band event called solo and ensemble. (This is an event were you went and played a solo for a judge and they would give you advice.) I had participated for the past two years and was gear to do it again. When the teacher asks me if I wanted to do it, I answered without hesitation. Well a week later a list came out giving the times and information for individuals. The band director regurgitated the necessary facts. At the end of the list my name hadn’t been called. I raised my hand to inquire about the mistake when she popped the question if I really wanted to go. This really grinded my gears leaving me felt betrayed. Once again my hard headed self fell victim to some one else’s negligent behavior. However the road didn’t end there.

Infract it still had quite a bit of asufalt left. You see this past summer I got the notion to show a steer. I also wanted to participate in the county’s show and sale program (This is a program that after showing at a few specific shows you could sell your animal for a much greater value.). After almost missing out on this opportunity I found a steer for $800 that was already showing ready. Upon its purchase my dad promised that he would haul it to the shows necessary for the show and sale. About a month later I called up my father and asked about our plans for the weekend, which happen to be the weekend of the last required show. I knew I was in for it when he asked me if I really wanted to show. I told him it didn’t really matter but I’d like to. This is when my life support was cut. He left me hanging out to dry all because his wife needed help packing for their vacation. Man just when you’d think I had gained some wisdom I regressed back to sixth grade struggles.

People aren’t always capable of being relied on. Mostly you can only trust yourself to carry out what you want to do. Whether it’s a sixth grade project partner or your dad things happen that leave you hanging out to dry.

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