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White Shirts

October 1, 2007
By Anonymous

We all start out as white shirts, but as we go through life, tie-dye splashes us with color. The varieties of colors that are chosen determine the beauty and depth of how each shirt turns out. The richest colors shining through are the ones that come from giving to others through friendship, commitment, and compassion.

My friend’s struggle with anorexia colored my life the most. I knew her since second grade I saw all her bright colors shine through academics and sports. Yet, seeing her struggle with an eating disorder and lacking the self-confidence that she once had. Her dark spiral of hopelessness caused by the rubber bands that bound her into thinking a lie challenged me to confront her about what was happening even though everyone else was afraid to or didn’t know how. When someone close goes through a life-threatening struggle, it colors your world differently and changes your perspective on life.

Brighter shades of color came when I was told that my boldness, which at other times has gotten me into trouble, was exactly what she needed. A couple months later while at her house, she told me, “Grace I really appreciate our friendship and your honesty about what I’ve been going through. You were one of the only friends who talked to me about it personally and not behind my back.” Knowing that I’ve made an impact on her life gave my life meaning.

As a college student at UW, I look forward to meeting new people and experiencing the new opportunities that your University provides. I’m exhilarated by the thought of adding more color to my life and the lives of others through my University experience. My primary colors shine through enthusiasm, creativity and determination and blending those with knowledge, community, and new relationships will create a vibrant one of a kind tie-dyed shirt for all to see and enjoy.

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