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The most meaningful activities in my life revolvearound music. When I listen to my stereo or play my drum set, I leave this worldfor one of my own and time stands still. I have been a fan of music since I wasnine years old and listened to the likes of U2 and Bryan Adams.

Besidesjust listening to music, I have been playing drums almost every day for fiveyears, and have the calluses to prove it. My older brothers taught me almosteverything I know about music, drumming and life in general. They're the truereason I'm interested in becoming a musician. My tastes in music have totallychanged and matured since I began listening and playing years ago, but the factremains that without music my life would not be complete.

When I am notlistening to music or playing drums, I practice with my punk band, Never Again.We have only been together for three months, but have worked diligently. Besidesdoing the percussion, I also write lyrics. This lets me release my bottled-upemotions.

I couldn't imagine my world without music. I am not sure what Iwould do with my time. Creating, practicing and writing lyrics for my band hasbecome the focus of my life. I aspire to play in front of thousands of fans in asold-out arena where my music and words will be heard by everyone.

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i love this so much!

on Jan. 19 2011 at 5:22 pm
thatgirlnamedrose BRONZE, Valmeyer, Illinois
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like your music its awesome!