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By Anonymous

"The journey's the thing," my sociologyteacher quoted one September afternoon. He scribbled the words on the blackboard,telling us to copy them into our notebooks. While my classmates lamented the hot,humid weather, I pondered the statement. I thought the four simple words conveyeda meaningful message, and wondered if I ever appreciated the "journey"of my own life. After a few moments' deliberation, the bell rang and I hurried tomy next destination.

A week later, I found myself hoping the day would goquickly because I was looking forward to my weekend plans. I suddenly rememberedthose words my teacher had written on the board, and their meaning becameclearer. Do I ever truly appreciate events as they are occurring, I wondered, oram I always looking toward the future?

Regretfully, I have wished away asignificant amount of time anticipating future events. During the past year,especially, I have spent a lot of time thinking about college. While planning myfuture is certainly a worthy project, I now try to focus on the past and presentas well. I regret that I did not completely value Christmas parties with myfriends, long telephone conversations and meaningful class discussions as theywere taking place. Although I will still look forward to upcoming events, my goalis to try to appreciate today.

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i love this so much!

on Dec. 13 2010 at 7:44 pm
silentvocal SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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first of all, how has annyone not commented on your piece?? lmao. I like this. you have a really valid point, many times ive written about the same thing. it's true-so many of us anticipate everything ahead of us that we dont even stay in the moment. dude its like yea its normal to to that, after all we are only human-but often i found myself regretting all that i had missed, its really upsetting when you realize you can bearily recall things because then you know you havent been enjoying life-one a moment is gone-you cant relive it, and you can't try to recreate it-a moment is gone for ever, and if you dont stay in it-it will be lost for ever. life is complicated. i say again- this peice is sweet- keep writing dude. :)