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This I Believe

December 12, 2007
By Anonymous

Has someone ever said something mean to you or about you? Have you ever had a friend that turned against you? Well if that is true then you are not alone. I am one of those people that can say that it has happened to me too. I believe that words can hurt.

I had this friend; we were best friends but not anymore. One day I had gone to my E’s house after school. We were playing on her computer and it was her turn to go get onto her email. I went to go get something to drink. When I came back she was all mad at me and would not say a word to me. So I called my mom to come and get me. That following Monday we went back to school. She would not look at me or let alone talk to me at all. All she would do would glance a time or two. So I gave it a shot and went to talk to her, she turned around started yelling at me and calling me every name in the book. It hurt me so bad, that one of my best friends would think of me that way and I not even know what I had done.

Having all the names in the book thrown at me did not stop there. A and I were best friends, from first grade to the end of seventh grade. She had made some new friends that did not like me too well. I had found out later on from one of those people that she was telling all of my secrets and making fun of me. I confronted her right after that person had told me. Of course she had denied it right away. About a hour or two I had to go to the store to get a couple of things. I had to walk by where they hang out and I heard her speak those mean words.

It is one thing having your friend or someone that don’t even like you to talk about you and call you names, but what about your family? I was at my granny’s house on a Saturday. We were playing having a good time. Then we started to talk about life and school. We had got into a argument about my shorts and how they weren’t long enough. Then she started to yell at me and say mean words saying that I was disrespecting her and her beliefs and I didn’t even do anything disrespectful to her so I got hurt really bad because that is my own grandmother that would say so mean things to me. We don’t get along that much anymore.

I believe that in the end no matter who you are I believe that a word will hurt you every once and a while. In my experience, just don’t say a word so that other people don’t get hurt. Just try not to pay attention to them when some one says something to hurt you.

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