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Burping Tommy MAG

By Anonymous

     A little boy! A sweet little boy! Oh, joy! Not another sister! Finally, I will have a comrade-in-arms against the takeover by the females in our household! As I jump up and click my heels yelling, “Alleluia, alleluia!” I ponder all the activities I can share with him: I’ll show him how to crawl, walk and eventually run, throw a football, play lacrosse, and all those other male things.

Tommy is my seven-month-old brother. He is a giant among infants. With light brown hair, brown eyes and a smile that shines like polished gold, he is a handsome little guy and hopefully will be altruistic and wonderful-looking like his older brother. Tommy has a laugh that rings like a bell through the house. He wears only the finest onesies made of the softest fabrics and speaks in single syllables but I still know that what he is saying is his highest praise of me.

He is so enthusiastic about eating that when he looks at me with those beautiful basins of brown and starts wailing in his little discordant voice, you want to give him all the food in the world. Sadly, after Tommy eats, he rewards you by spitting up. Then, as you change this little angel from above, he smiles that warm smile and you just want to squeeze his little cheeks and say, “Who is a cute baby? You are, yes, you are” in a soft, high-pitched voice, but you stop yourself.

Tommy could still sleep if a hurricane was going on, 50 elephants were stampeding through his room, and my sister was singing all at the same time. Yet busy as Tommy is, he still finds time to inchworm his little body over to play with his brother and cheer him up with his little chubby face. Tommy can cheer me up in a second by laughing, smiling and grabbing my hair.

When you mix all his wonderful (and slightly less wonderful) traits together, you get a baby whom I love and cherish so much I could just blow up. This little person shows so much affection toward everyone that he should get an award. I am so excited about watching my baby brother grow up. I know that when he does, he will be one of the best human beings on the planet.

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i love this so much!

Hilidan SILVER said...
on Feb. 1 2012 at 9:51 am
Hilidan SILVER, Istanbul, Other
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It is a good essay I think but ı agree with the guys who are above me.

on Jul. 19 2011 at 10:03 pm
fortetennis SILVER, Santa Barbara, California
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I agree completely 


poocakes said...
on Nov. 24 2009 at 8:06 pm
Ok.... this is adorable, but how is it relevent to college? It doesn't really say anything about the writer except that he likes babies, which is pretty standard.