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Mountains of Laundry

October 25, 2010
By sgiard1 BRONZE, Whitinsville, Massachusetts
sgiard1 BRONZE, Whitinsville, Massachusetts
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When I came to college, both my parents as well as the faculty told me that I need to concentrate on my school work and finish what needs to get done. At which point most of us are thinking, yeah right, more like concentrate on partying. For the most part, students are good at getting work done. Did I really just say that? Some majors in college have loads of work such as architecture. On the other hand, other majors have not so much work, which means much more free time. During students free time (rare), this is when laundry Is done, as well as grabbing something to eat and finishing the tall stacks of homework. In my situation, free time is for starting laundry and taking a nap while it is in the process. Once you feel great about yourself for deciding to finally wash the mountain of dirty clothes, you experience many obstacles between washing your clothes, and having nice, clean clothes.

Two out of the three times that I have wanted to do laundry, and lugged huge bags of clothes to the laundry room, I found out that I couldn’t wash them. Some students may think of this in a positive way like the workout they just got carrying the clothes all the way downstairs. The laundry room has only so many washers and dryers. The buildings that we live in have a lot of students in them. When a student is thinking of doing laundry, a lot of other students had that same idea too. Some attempts at laundry end up in lugging those heavy laundry bags all the way back to your room. Who needs a school gym when you can just try to do your laundry and hit two birds with one stone. I feel that the size of the laundry rooms compared to the buildings dont match. For a building this size, the laundry room should either be larger, or there should be multiple laundry rooms. Most people can compare this to something in their own life. When growing up, everyone has had a time when they wore that shirt that was way too small for them. It is just a situation that needs to be solved quickly, and is rather uncomfortable.

Another problem relating to the laundry room has to do with the quality of the dryers. Once a load of clothes goes through the washer, which works great, the clothes are soaking wet. That is what a dryer is used for. Dryers in the laundry rooms are not of great quality. So it’s a beautiful Friday afternoon, and I have a train to catch home in three hours, and I think to myself, I have plenty of time to do laundry. The washing phase goes over very well, and then comes the drying phase. One cycle ends with a load of wet clothes, as if they never reached the dryer. I repeated the drying phase as I thought to myself ‘Train leaves in one and a half hours’. I put the load of laundry through the dryer twice and still had wet clothes, which is when I gave up. This is not only a hassle, but it is a waste of time, hence catching the train a solid minute before it left. Once you put the clothes in the dryer, you cant just leave them there all day, it only takes 60 minutes to “dry”. Who wants to wear wet clothes to class, especially in the winter? No one. You would freeze, and more than likely get hypothermia. There is one upside to this situation, that being once spring break comes around. Instead of students migrating to the south to go to the spring break parties and resorts, we can host our own here. My college could have its own wet t-shirt contest, seeing that our dryers don’t work, so lets all wear our white t’s! With my college being mostly guys, I have a feeling that they would be for this, while the small percentage of ladies would frown upon it. If you leave clothes in the dryer all day, it is guaranteed that when you come back they will be on the table behind you in a heap. Someone has taken them out in order to use the dryer because someone wasn’t quick enough, that being you.

I feel that Wentworth should change this for the students. Many people, as well as myself, have wasted time doing laundry. I feel that laundry takes awhile as it is, never mind when obstacles are tossed in your way. By fixing the dryers, as well as getting more washers and dryers would make life on students much easier. They would have more time to get work done, which in turn would cause less stress. If another small room was added, it would make it much easier for students and in turn, we would be better people. Clean clothes are a necessity, because a student can only bring so many clothes to school. You may have enough clothes to last a week, but that’s about it. (I say this only having seen the amount of clothes a typical guy brings to college, and not underestimating females.) That is why I feel that something should be done about this problem, which in turn would affect all Wentworth students for the better.

The author's comments:
I wrote this essay after doing my first load of laundry in college. I hope other students will be able to relate to the same problems that I underline in the essay.

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