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Intelligence and the Misconception/Wonder of Learning

November 1, 2007
By Anonymous

I just got my SAT tests scores back and I have something to say: I am not my test score. My 1500 score certainly does not match my intelligence or self worth. However, before I used to think that. I used to say, “Boy, if I get a 2200, I must be smart. Everybody would look at me and say ‘Wow Chukie. Your above everybody’. Since I am intelligent, I should get a high score.” I’ve realized that my intelligence lies in so much other things, rather than a national score that decides your college acceptance.

I feel many people still believe that a high-test score means that you are very smart. I believe it is if you can use the things you learned in your daily life. School is too focused on test score after test score. I still only get good grades, and I also learn more than just what the teacher says. Tests scores are not going to be in your daily life when you grow up. Applying your knowledge is what’s key. School should focus on hands on learning with textbook learning, so what the students learn can come to life.

People should just take a full year to discover themselves, and get away from all the standardized tests and A and B grades. Visit a ranch or a forest and discover what’s around you. Explore the city and just watch how the city works. Visit a museum or library. Read all the books in the library. Sooner or later they will find their self worth. Life is definitely not about facts; it is about the wonders of learning.

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