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Temptation of Trolling

October 5, 2022
By Antroy BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Antroy BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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You can overcome anything if and only if you love something enough

Every time I see someone near the edge of a map in a game I get the devilish feeling of simply sneaking over like a small rat who sees the chees and is ready to activate the trap and push whoever this unlucky person was off and by the end have the devilish laugh. I am Antonio Pena a high school student that gets inspired by the people around me. I don't like to do much since I'm always lazy about everything once I have finished everything I need to have accomplished. I have trolled many people in many ways just so that I can lash out in laughter and be motivated with happiness throughout a few days so that I'm not feeling down and bored with my surroundings or what I have to do.

My family are kind people who would help others if they need it just like me. I have learned quite a few things from almost every member of my family representing something as how I learned from my mother and aunt that the best way to spend time is to hang out with someone you are already known for a long time, my father thought me to work hard even when the circumstances aren't really good, I learned from my brother that with shines you won't be getting pretty far until you get used to going out there without being shy, and finally little sister showed me how even the things around could be enjoyable to be around with to play around, they have changed my life ever since I have learned these things from each one of them which makes them very valuable to me and cherishing what I had learned.

Simply drawing on anything surprises me and sometimes blows my mind with how a single line or swipe can create such detail on something that can show what is going on or what the thing you are drawing looks like. I have been interested in just drawing but part of me stopped it from happening even if I'm not good at drawing I will keep on practicing because if someone can be very good at just drawing characters or mountains or anything I will simply tell myself if he can create incredible art then I can as well if I keep practicing. I have met a few friends and people that draw and have caught my attention and raised my hopes to one day try and create a manga or maybe a character for a game.

In the future, I want to learn many things since they just catch my eye especially if I'm going to be old as a rotten apple, everything that I want to learn will be things that by then would be more normal like drawing or art painter, coding, or even engineering and the reason I have always wanted to learn is that there are fascinating things and are things that are simply a good thing to pass time ones you get old and are also things that will end up paying well even after you have already exceeded the age of no longer being capable of getting one. If you were to make it as a job early on it could end up changing things much earlier on as well which is the reason I want to practice these things and to also maybe one day show to my sons about drawing kinda like how my father did with me when he would watch bob ross.

Overall I think that everything anyone does can already be entertaining or maybe there are still things that you perhaps want to learn and practice so that you can entertain yourself and let it have a different impact on how you first saw it as to how it would be as you grow older. Family is something important since they are the reason they will motivate you into doing something but also because they could teach you some valuable things early on in life so you can get the hang of it so that later on you won't be discovering it won't be having some hard times and could be having a much easier to time.

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I am a student that wants to make it into college so that I can get learn how to code and be able to be like an engineer and also be being able to get better at drawing since all these 3 things have been in my head and have seen how fantastic they could end up looking especially with the experience that I will gain if I keep going. 

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