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There Are Many Things That Make the Desktop Superior to the Laptop

November 26, 2007
By Anonymous

There are many things that make the desktop more efficient and superior to the laptop. The desktop is better than the laptop due to the fact it has more features. The desktop alone can fulfill the task of a computer without having unnecessary and utterly useless add-ons.

“Bona”, which is “just not another tech site”, compares the qualities of a desktop to that of the laptop. The site claims that “desktops are more superior to laptops” due to the fact they are portable, light weighted and have wireless internet The desktop, which is currently advancing in modern day technologies, now added the wireless internet feature. Although many would find this to be a useless feature for a desktop due to its heavy interior, one can avoid drilling holes in walls and moving hundreds of wires; it can all be taken away by a small router. The weight of the desktop easily outweighs the laptop therefore making it harder to transport.

The desktop, which was falling behind due to these disadvantages, now made the difference less oblivious. The desktop now has most of the features a laptop would need. The portability of the laptop is easily outmatched by the superior speed of the desktop. The desktop, which could not connect wirelessly now can by connected with a router.
The laptop, which was known for its portability and wireless internet, will soon be matched in the competition when the desktop equals the laptop in most aspects and becomes the more popular once again. The desktop is also known as the traditional type of computer as well.

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