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I am a ladybug

October 5, 2022
By Bambisolis BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Bambisolis BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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My favorite personal quote is "Si Se Puede".

I am a ladybug

Who am I ? My name is Bisleidy Maricruz Solis Martinez. I was born on a special day, El dia de la Santa Cruz. It's a celebration that is celebrated on the 3rd day of May, the day of the Cross. That's why my second name is Maricruz. My first name is very unique, my parents heard my name Bisleidy on a weather T.V show. It was spelled differently but sounds the same. My name is so unique I haven't met someone with the same name. 

I love my affectionate family. With me is my mom and dad, I have two sisters and one brother. I also have two dogs and a cat. They are my family. We are a crazy, funny, and caring family. I love to hang out with them. They make me laugh and make me who I am. We like to hang out outside and play some music. My 13 year old sister can't sing at all but she thinks she can, so for the rest of the day we just laugh at her singing, I mean screaming. It sounds like you're scratching a chalkboard. 

I am a person who chooses to focus on solutions, rather than choosing to focus on the problems. For many years I couldn't find solutions to anything. I felt stuck in my own mind trying to figure things out but I couldn't because at the time I did not know what was going on. I felt like I was in a long deep black well and I could not find my way out. As hard as I tried to climb up I could not. The worst part was that now one notices, I was what some people would call depressed. But now I know how to fight it by talking with my family. I'm probably one of the happiest people when I'm with my family.  I am now a person who chooses to focus on solutions, rather than choosing to focus on the problems. 

Summer adventures are what I would like for myself and for my family but I have to wait. Me and my family love the outdoors. We like to camp, stay up and look at the stars. But what I would like to do when I get older is go with my parents to Mexico. My parents are not from The United States, they are from Jalisco, Mexico. So they can't go to many places. With the fear that they are going to leave everything behind and never come back to where they build a family.  That's why me and my siblings get to visit my grandparents, uncles, and cousins some years because my parents can't. That's why in the future when I turn 21 with the help of my family I can get my parents papers to travel anywhere they want as one big amazing family. I live in fear of the thought that one day my parents are going to be taken away. But like I stated before I am a person who chooses to focus on solutions rather than choosing to focus on the problems. I know that everything is going to be ok. And one day we can have our dream summer adventure.

Overall, I am a ladybug on the largest tree looking for ways to be on top. With the luck of a ladybug I can accomplish all of my goals. To have a dream summer adventure to find solutions to everything and to never give up and be with my loving family. So now I just have to hope for the best, expect the worst, and take what comes and remember that everything is going to be ok.

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I am a ladybug luck is on my side. Just like my black geemancipeerd named lucky. 

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