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Soccer Boy

October 5, 2022
By Ozzy0304 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Ozzy0304 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Its better to forgive then regret

I've been to the biggest sports stadium twice and got one bad view and a beautiful view of the 87,000 capacity stadium.My name is Oswaldo Sanchez but my friends call me ozzy for short,my 4th grade teacher called me that and i kept it ever since.I been a student at luther burbank high school for a year and a half now, ima sophomore that used to have trouble with any type of subject in school in middle school.When you start growing up you start to realize things are getting more important now then when we were in middle school or elementary because after high school it's off to college.

As a little kid i always had a passion for soccer the most popular sport in the world the sport that people call easy here in the united states.Along my soccer career there has been ups and downs but i never stopped playing because its always been my passion and life.The ups of playing soccer it could help you with mental health issues,thinking of playing soccer in a empty field with you a ball and a goal net is always like therapy for me.The downs of it is always the injuries like for instance i'm just getting out of a hip flexor injury that i had to be out for a whole month and today i'll be coming back to play with my team after a while.  

My goal for my future is to retire playing professional soccer in europe, i would like it to be in england or spain.I've always wanted to travel and learn about other countries of the world because there's so much more than the usa and mexico for me.Next year will be the first time i get out of north america and take a trip to england and scotland in the united kingdom in europe,i have plans to watch some of the best soccer teams in the world play while i am there.The biggest stadium in north america is a stadium that was built all the way in 1966 and so far has history of hosting two world cups and will host another one in 2026 the stadium is in mexico city with 87,000 seats.I hope to travel to alot of countries of the world for memories and explore the world.

My personal life has always been boring that's why soccer is my personality most of the time.I have my parents and 2 brothers and 2 sisters that are all above the age of 30, i'm the youngest one at the age of 15 and is still living in my parents house.I have friends that i hangout with at school,I play soccer for the soccer team here at burbank and elk grove united with my friends being 7 of them being on the team to get better in time for the season.I always wanted to be a soccer player and i will keep working hard for it even if it doesn't seem realistic, i'll take the risk.

I've always been a soccer person but i don't play it alone most of the time,i need my friends there to motivate me to get better.When i get the chance to play soccer alone in my free time i take it because i'm always busy at home worrying about other stuff and mostly never had time.My favorite quote that i seen before was “if you wanna take something seriously you'll eventually cut off some people without realizing it”, the quote means not all the time people are gonna be there for you and its better to always focus on yourself each time.

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i like soccer alot and mostly is why i always talk about it i would really like to become a soccer player a Professional soccer player and would like to live in europe in the near future.

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