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The Ocean's Unknown

October 20, 2019
By Anonymous

My premature mind is confused as the gritty sand falls smoothly between the spaces of my toes. As I observe from the shoreline, I notice that when the waves crash, chills begin to creep up my body. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore are tranquil yet gives me an immense amount of curiosity. The ocean captivates me. I repose in my most comfortable beach chair, while I wonder about the ocean. The ocean is vast and unknown, especially to me. For as long as I can remember, I have always found myself passing time, relaxing on a beach while overlooking the sea. Every summer I get a taste of the ocean’s bliss. Over the years, I learned that in order for a perfect beach day, I need some important items. My young self packed a shovel and pail, in order to build an enormous sand castle. And of course, I packed an extra pail for when I go on my long walk along the shore line to collect the most exquisite shells. Regardless of my consuming thoughts, I always find myself entirely satisfied to be on the beach, overlooking the boundless and deep blue sea that is presented to me. 

I have a positive mind when I admire the ocean because of all the happiness and peacefulness it has brought me over the course of my life; my family regularly travels to the Jersey Shore, which happens to be a very special place to me; the beach allows me to unwind and spend time with my family, especially the family members I don’t see on a regular basis.  Although I have many questions and crazy ideas about the ocean, I continuously recognize the gratification it has brought me, just simply when the thought of the ocean is brought to my attention. 

What powers does the ocean bear? What dangers can the ocean exhibit? The ocean can be rather dark during a vigorous storm. However, I like to look at the beauty of it, while acknowledging its dangers. I examine many ideas when thinking about the ocean. It reminds me of a living creature; Every time the tides come in, it’s inhaling versus when the tides go out, it’s exhaling. What if the many organisms living in the ocean represent its organs? Perhaps the ocean is actually living, or this may just be a crazy idea I think about while contemplating life, while staring blankly out at it. What is actually down in its depths? Fish, I would obviously assume, but the unknowingness quality that the ocean holds creates a desire within me to learn more about this force of nature.  

The uncertainty of the ocean causes me to compare this force of nature to my future; I recognize my future as beautiful, but potentially dangerous and overall, very unknown, and I must discover it for myself. I get lost within this idea, thinking about the reality of this comparison. Every shell I find on my long walks represents a good thing that comes my way, or a valuable lesson I have learned throughout my journey. I am the lifeguard, sitting high up on my chair, overlooking the ocean; I look over it just like how I oversee the choices that will influence my future. I turn to myself when curiosity strikes because the ocean is similar to the unfamiliarity of my future. Although I can’t answer some questions, I can remind myself of the endless beauty that the ocean acquires. I need validation from myself. When I question the ocean, or more closely related, my future, it’s because it's unknown; but I have come to realize that this unknown, is my unknown. The ocean is my future, mostly unknown, but inviting me through its beauty, in which propels me to want to explore. 

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