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The Painting

February 27, 2019
By Anonymous

I walk through a few different rooms searching for a painting that speaks to me in a way that I think I will be able to write about. At first, it’s a struggle attempting to find one as I walk through the entire area about three times. I finally found one that spoke to me in a way that all the others did not.

The painting is untitled but is painted by Anthony Marchetti. This picture reminded me a lot of winters in Minnesota. I say this because you could go out to Fishhook river on a cloudy day and get a similar image. I am not sure if this picture is a river or a lake. I perceived it at first as a river so that’s what I will be calling it in this essay. There is a fallen tree as if there was a tornado over the river. The branches reach over the ice. Some rotted logs riddle the edge of the ice with the fallen tree there also.

The ice is only formed along the edges of the river. The cracks on the ice are as thin as an ant trail and have many bubbles formed as you would see during the winter in Minnesota. The ice is doing a tightrope as it tries to stay on the land. The tree line on the left side directs the viewer's eyes directly to the cloudy sky.  You can also see the right side tree line which also drags the eyes to the sky. The tree was a hideous witch, its gnarled limbs, serving as a warning to anyone who would dare approach. The sky is almost as dark as the sky during a snowstorm.

There is a single house in the background faded from the weather. This shows that it is in a secluded area and helps show for the most part, the untouched look of nature. I think that this could have a meaning about how we need to preserve our nature not only because of the need for it to keep the world going but also to see the beauty of it.

A person that is living in that house could be living off the land. They could set traps to sell the skins of the animals They could also hunt and fish for food. It is the possibility of a small garden behind the house.

I thought of the last paragraph from watching the Alaskan shows were they live off of nothing but the land and are secluded from the rest of the world. They love to live out there also. I could never do something like that but I think it wouldn’t be that bad if you were an introvert. It seems like a high-stress way to live because you cannot rely on a steady income of any sort you have to work very hard just to get food on the table and you would have to work quite a bit.

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